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PAVILLON ROUGE – Dynasteïa Klub

Band: Pavillon Rouge
Title: Dynasteïa Klub
Year: 2018
Country: France
Label: Dooweet Agency

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  1. L'Harmonie Et La Force
  2. Ô Légions, Ô Triomphes
  3. Dynasteïa Klub
  4. Le Rayonnement Du Temple Nouveau
  5. In Aenigmate
  6. Bodhisattva
  7. Notre Foi Brûle Encore
  8. Dans L'Ailleurs Absolu
  9. Ad Augusta

«People of Aristocrazia, are you ready to get crazy on the dancefloor? Tonight DJ Vlako will delight you with some good Electro-Black Metal with the help of Pavillon Rouge… Everybody put your hands up in the air!»

So listening many times to "Dynasteïa Klub" turned me into a two-bit disco vocalist; in my defense, I can assure you that the music of these French guys is perfect to pick up some girls on saturday nights while keeping the Black Flame in your soul burning. The band itself shoes us how to be cool and at the same time evil in the surreal titletrack video.

It reminded me of that time when Semargl turned into some sort of Dance-Pop-Metal act, with the difference that Pavillon Rouge are fully aware of what they do. With the release of their third album, the four electro-blacksters perfectly mixed the powerful rhythms of the harder side of EDM, the diabolical sound of Black Metal and the ethereal feelings of the New Wave without appearing like a parody, rather sounding incredibly captivating.

Each element is at the right place and each musician is able to get their own moments of glory. The rhythmic section is especially interesting: the bass is on the upbeat during the more danceable sections and constantly provides engaging lines, while the electronic drums centered on a Hardcore-style powerful kick go through solid 4/4 tempos, more excited or otherwise relaxed parts and even blast beats and Speedcore bursts, enriching their performance with some great tom fills.

The melodic aspect is entrusted to guitars and synths: the first are the Blackest element of Pavillon Rouge's music, providing melodic and catchy tremolo riffs which undoubtedly scream Black Metal. The six strings often dive into some kind of cosmic epicness further emphasized by (synthetic and real) choirs in the background, but there are also parts where they bow to the requirements of the Eletronic side of the songs, supporting EDM-New Wave melodies.

The voice is charismatic and expressive with a style that goes through various shades of extremism, usually keeping a link to the Black Metal standards; some cleaner passages appear here and there — especially during the epic-celestial parts — and there are many vocal samples to further enrich the songs. The lyrics are written in the band's mother tongue and their meaning is unfortunately obscure to me, but I think I glimpsed cosmic contemplations and philosophical thoughts, liek the great artwork seems to suggest.

"Dynasteïa Klub" has a good number of guests coming from the French scene, among which I'd like to mention Saint Vincent of their genre colleagues Blacklodge and Rose Hreidmarr, Anorexia Nervosa's former vocalist now member of Baise Ma Hache and The CNK.

Personal and captivating , coinvolgente from start to finish and after repeated listenings as well: I have nothing to complain about Pavillon Rouge's work; songs like "In Aenigmate" and "Ad Augusta" are real gems, without belittling the other tracks. Chapeau.