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PERSECUTORY – Towards The Ultimate Extinction

Band: Persecutory
Title: Towards The Ultimate Extinction
Year: 2017
Country: Turkey
Label: Godz Ov War Productions

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. Pillars Of Dismay
  2. Towards The Ultimate Extinction
  3. Till Relentless Salvation Comes
  4. Along The Infernal Hallways
  5. Awakening The Depraved Era
  6. Hegemony Of The Ruinous Impurity
  7. Maelstroms Of Antireligious Chaos

Don't you like raw and bastard black-thrash metal? Leave this page now. Don't you love those releases blasting on you until they take your breath away? Leave this page now. The Turkish band Persecutory, a name that is a good fit for the persecutory intent of their music, started in 2014 and after releasing the mini "Perversion Feeds Our Force" in 2016, published their debut "Towards The Ultimate Extinction" helped by the Polish label Godz Ov War Productions this year.

The four-piece, Vulvagoat (vocals and guitar), Infectious Torment (bass and guitars), A.D.B. (drums) and Pervert Profanatör (vocals), doesn't leave anything to imagination, unsheathing a number of evil tracks where solid and dark rhythms in mid-tempos, incursions in thrash, and sometimes even death metal moments, are impressed on a solid black metal matrix, pitch-black and very Scandinavian sounding.

Yes, sometimes this brutal carnage tends to take too well known and explored stylistic paths, risking monotony, but this is in a large part avoided thanks to the demonic performance on vocals by Pervert Profanatör (Horrocious, Impuration and Sarinvomit), a beast coming from the abyss, especially in the parts where the voice becomes recited or turns into psychotic screaming, and the obsessive dynamism put on display by the indomitable A.D.B. (Hellsodomy, Inhuman Depravity, Malefic Order and Nihil Kaos), qualities well represented in those I believe are the two best songs of the album: the long titletrack and "Till Relentless Salvation Comes".

I'll avoid listing names which you can match their music to: if extreme metal is your daily bread, you'll surely be able to find them in no time and probably that would motivate you to further approach this record, to sink into an "Ultimate Extinction" that hits as if there was no tomorrow. Only for fanatics? Be one.