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PIG’S BLOOD – Pig’s Blood

Band: Pig's Blood
Title: Pig's Blood
Year: 2017
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Godz Ov War Productions

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. Misanthrope Absolute
  2. Iron Justice
  3. Taste The Fucking Poison
  4. Torches Of War And Retribution
  5. Rats (This World Is A Sewer)
  6. Death March Insanity
  7. The Age Of Endless War
  8. First Step In Making Things Right
  9. Deniers Of The Root
  10. There Will Be No Law

Pig's Blood are a tank marching on at full speed, a heavy and oily skull-breaking machine that for thirty-six minutes does nothing but crush, macerate and bury corpses, giving life to a warmongering massacre that seems to involve, among other things, Incantation’s perverted dark soul, Bolt Thrower’s martial approach and Terrorizer’s putrid devastation.

The shockwave caused by the tracks is excruciating, real sonic tortures come up one after another in songs like "Misanthrope Absolute", "Iron Justice", "Death March Insanity", "The Age Of Endless War" and "Deniers Of The Root" smearing the air with the foul and heavy reek of death, giving the idea of an apocalyptic one-way conflict in which the band proceeds with a ruthless and incessant attack on the listener. An extreme slicing so constant to the point of resembling a monolith, making clear in a screamed and terrifying way — or perhaps we should say cavernously and deeply exalted — the will to never let go of its hold, a precise and sentient desire not to give you any chance to escape. The sound enclosure is high and insurmountable, the perimeter well controlled and the first false step makes the inevitable execution snap.

Pig's Blood go on straight for their road strewn with bodies and holes, their "Pig's Blood" does not let you go, it is 100% rough and brutal death metal, a slaughterhouse within which there is no form of respect or mercy for the victims, this makes it a dirty and rotten album not too easy to digest, especially if the raw productions and the tout-court impact do not fall within your essential parameters for choosing a record. You will be thrown in an endless clash as soon as you play this.