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POWER TRIP – Nightmare Logic

Band: Power Trip
Title:  Nightmare Logic
Year: 2017
Country:   U.S.A.
Label: Southern Lord Recordings

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. Soul Sacrifice
  2. Executioner's Tax (Swing Of The Axe)
  3. Firing Squad
  4. Nightmare Logic
  5. Waiting Around To Die
  6. Ruination
  7. If Not Us Then Who
  8. Crucifixation

Power Trip annihilated 80%, or even 90%, of the thrash metal releases produced by more or less modern bands. This is what I thought in the moment I listened to their debut "Manifest Decimation", and I confirm it today without any doubt, after having utterly destroyed my ears with the powerful "Nightmare Logic".

The Dallas five-piece is incredible, they grind, devastate and aim at damaging your neck after headbanging to every track without hesitation. It's impossible to stay calm when you get ran over by a bestial shockwave as the one caused by the opener "Soul Sacrifice" or by the mosh-pit-inducing rhythm of the following "Executioner's Tax (Swing Of The Axe)". My mind follows all the connections naturally: Slayer, Exodus, early Sepultura, Cro-Mags and Demolition Hammer are there inside an album that slams you against the wall, one hammering after another.

So we can go forward with "Firing Squad" and "Nightmare Logic", with "Waiting Around To Die" and "Ruination", there's no space to breathe, you remain shocked and overwhelmed by their backbreaking guitarwork —  Nick Stewart and Blacke "Rossover" Ibanez are warmachines and the latter makes orgasmic solos his trademark, increasing our enjoyment — by an unbelievably fierce speed — Chris Whetzel bass is married in a morbid and dissoluted way to the huge work of the drummer Christ Uslh — and by the acid singing by Riley Gale, inviting us to dance a toxic waltz with "If Not Us Then Who" and "Crucifixation". No, the repeat button is there, it looks back at you as if to say «press me again, what are you waiting for?». And you give it another go from the start to the end!

The production is anachronistically ideal and helps to elevate the electrically intense atmosphere that runs through the songs thanks to a subtle layer of rawness that mantains intact the violent disposition and the usual awesome cover by our Paolo Girardi — I don't think this artist needs any presentation — able to give visual form to "Nightmare Logic". His work contributes to refine and support the value of a high class thrash composition, without any need to overdo, a record that makes Power Trip one of the buy or die bands. Killers!