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PRIMAL – Obłęd

Band: Primal
Title:  Obłęd
Year: 2012
Country:   Poland
Label: Quid Est Veritas Productions

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Translation: LordPist

  1. Genesis
  2. …I Wszystko Było Dobre
  3. Próżnia
  4. …I Śmierci Już Nie Będzie
  5. Wojna
  6. Jak Groby Otwarte
  7. Egzorcyzm

The lack of reliable information about a band is always source of fascination and sometimes of trouble when it comes to reviewing their work. In this specific case, I am talking about Primal, the booklet of whom is completely written in Polish, thus preventing me from grasping any sort of hint about its contents. However, what I know is that "Obłęd" is not their first album (Mourning has reviewed both "Deathzone" and their split with Iugulatus and Deep Desolation), while the person behind the name PrimaOne should be the only mind of the project.

Fortunately, both for me and for you, there is something interesting beyond this halo of mystery: a double-faced form of black metal, at times almost "progressive" when it goes towards longer instrumental and melodic passages, at times thrashier when the pace gets faster. Sometimes the melodies seem to embody somewhat epic moments ("Próżnia"), sometimes they become hypnotic and go on to enchant the listener with their sly morbidity, in an almost "religious" style. While the guitars weave their manifold and dissonant patterns and solos, the bass grimly stalks us throughout the entire album; the scream is venomous and slightly modified with effects.

The style here is nothing suitable for being used as trivial background music, but we are not confronted with pure avant-gardism either. All of the songs fluidly develop their structure over long durations and they reach over forty minutes not including the intro; there are rare moments of frontal attack and we can even notice some industrial-noise influences. All these elements should have conveyed a clearer idea about Primal to any potential listeners; as far as I'm concerned, the evaluation is positive and I will be curious about the project's future endeavors.