Doom and Time passing: the two certainties of Profetus

PROFETUS – The Sadness Of Time Passing

Band: Profetus
Title: The Sadness Of Time Passing
Year: 2019
Country: Finland
Label: Avantgarde Music
Contacts: Sito web  Facebook  Bandcamp  Spotify

  1. The Sadness Of Time Passing
  2. Nostalgia
  3. Momentary Burial
  4. Northern Crown
  5. Tiarnia
RUNNING TIME: 01:05:17

The Sadness Of Time Passing, an extremely appropriate title for the latest effort by Profetus, a Finnish act devoted to the obscure art of funeral doom metal. Time has always been one of the obsessions of this genre coming from the abyss, with its infinitely expanded rhythms, as if to try and crystallize the world and stop the sand in the hourglass, the one that will ineluctably take us towards our doom. We had already crossed paths with Mäkinen’s project back in 2014, when As All Seasons Die was released by the Japanese label Weird Truth Productions.

When it came to The Sadness Of Time Passing, the prophetic baton reached the hands of the legendary Avantgarde Music, once again proving its renovated love for the realm of doom, as also shown by the recent releases by The Howling Void and Plateau Sigma. The cover artwork is textbook genre iconography, created by the Japanese artist Yuka Yoshihara, the perfect portal for accessing the dark depths of time. It’s been a very tough period for Mäkinen, as he had to deal with loss personally, an experience that brought the transitoriness of existence to the core of the creative process of this album, recorded in a cabin in the middle of the woods in Finland.

With these five songs, Profetus corroborated their position as worthy heirs to the rightfully praised local funeral doom school, through (extremely slow) drum blows, with an immense growl burrowing down into the abyss looking for hope, for a meaning. The guitars and the organ create metaphysical atmospheres with a sort of outer space vibe, for example by accompanying the solemn spoken word section at the beginning of “Northern Crown”, giving different dimensions to an album characterized by a very minimal structure, in which each little element can potentially carry the mass of a star. All you can look for in this kind of record was carefully put together by the quintet from Tampere, in slightly more than an hour of nostalgia, momentary burials, and ephemeral existences. Definitely one of the albums of the year for anyone who loves extreme doom metal, but also a possible point of entry to its endless caves for people who would like to approach this sound for the first time.

As the years go by, funeral doom metal keeps on following its own way, trying to reach Time in order to comprehend the deepest mysteries of the world. Personally speaking, I can say that I may have gotten closer to the truth after having listened to two entire songs from The Sadness Of Time Passing while stuck in a traffic jam on the road to the office, only driving a hundred meters at an absolutely funeral doom pace.