PROGENIE TERRESTRE PURA – starCross | Aristocrazia Webzine


Band: Progenie Terrestre Pura
Title: starCross
Year: 2018
Country: Italy
Label: Avantgarde Music

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  1. Chant Of Rosha
  2. Toward A Distant Moon
  3. Twisted Silhouette
  4. The Greatest Loss
  5. Invocat

Just a year after the outstanding "oltreLuna", Progenie Terrestre Pura's insane trip into outer space goes on with its little brother "starCross": two works that should have come out together as a single release, before some technical problems stood in the way. Little brother, however, only in terms of length, because its quality is not different from what we've heard in the previous effort: if the EP "Asteroidi" was something detached from metal altogether, "starCross" is an additional expression of the Italian trio's typical black-industral metal, which in its almost thirty minutes doesn't reach certain peaks seen last year, but definitely makes its way among 2018's best releases.

Nestled between the atmospheric instrumentals "Chant Of Rosha" and "Invocat", Progenie's voyage develops over three great songs which narrates again (this time in English) of humanity ambition and longing to conquer deep space: already in "Toward A Distant Moon", this trip doesn't seem to start under the best auspices, with the cosmonaut almost resigned to his own fate, the inevitable epilogue of his mission towards the unknown, a heavy feeling efficiently expressed through the fast paced compositions and extremely tight riffs. The next "Twisted Silhouette" sounds more laid down and complex as well, alternating electronic parts and breathtaking, angry outbursts, underlining the protagonist's sensations once arrived at his destination: a new, obscure Moon inhabited by an abominable creature and on which he is disoriented and naked, in front of his deepest self, something which drives him to madness and makes him craving for his life to be taken by the monster, the only possible way to escape this reality.

Finally, painting abandoned spaceships stranded in space, "The Greatest Loss" begins, another track with strong cinematic shades moving along the same tracks as the previous ones, with the same great result and, if possible, with a stronger electronic vein, with its finale proposing again that appropriate tunz-tunz which found its place in "oltreLuna" as well. From the individual level, evil and desperation move to a more general one, spreading among the whole mission team and, metaphorically, to the entire human kind: moved by its hope to reach further and further targets, it is instead running at full speed towards its greatest catastrophe.

The quality bar set by Davide Colladon and his mates is held quite high by "starCross", living up to the expectations generated by its predecessors: a perfect and, maybe, unique bond between black metal sui generis and sci-fi themes and sceneries. Worth mentioning, also, the presence of a specific graphic novel accompanying the limited edition, which I don't have on my hands but that you should absolutely grab for yourself, if you have the chance. It has to be said: for Progenie Terrestre Pura, sky's the limit.