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Band: Pryapisme
Title: Epic Loon OST
Year: 2018
Country: France
Label: Apathia Records

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Translation: Crupt Of Fear

  1. Epic Loon Theme
  2. In Space, No One Can Hear You Make Yourself A Sandwich
  3. Nostromo Cryo System: Fresh Ice Cream Guaranteed!
  4. An S.O.S From LV426 Takes 6M Years To Reach Belgium
  5. Acheron, The Calpamos Moon, Is Also The Name Of Our Cat
  6. Xenomorphs Are Just Big Chickens After All
  7. For The Smile Of A Child With A Dolphin T-Shirt
  8. Evil Nutshells With Hay Fever Vs All People Named Renée
  9. Did Prehistoric Giraffes Wear Long Ties?
  10. It's Way Too Hot To Drink Rustproof Engine Oil
  11. The Best Vacuum Cleaners Were Produced During The Cenozoic Era
  12. Tyrannosaure+Châlet7=Taupiniere-(N/Saumon)²
  13. Damned Raptors!
  14. Programming Naughty Pictograms In Python
  15. Epic Boss Theme
  16. Un Quadrilobe À Palmette Fleurdelysé, Ça A Du Chien
  17. Even In The Carpathians, Taking A Train Is Still Faster Than Riding A Ghoul
  18. What Would Chester Copperpot Have To Say About This?
  19. A Quantum Mirror May Generate Self-Petrified Gorgons
  20. Tidal Energy Through A Rat's Perspective
  21. Cette Année, On Anticipe Les Mites Avec Un Inhibiteur De La Pompe À Proton
  22. Fishermen's Villages Usually Hide Ninjas
  23. Luckily, Reptiles Use Condoms. Phew! No Chlamydia This Time…
  24. Bubbles Will Be Crapped In Glue Over Tokyo's Harbour
  25. Muzzle, Snout, Fire, Muzzle
  26. Death By Uranium Hexafluoride
  27. Mullet Haircut Grand Finale
  28. Score Theme Extended [traccia bonus]
  29. Epi The Clown [traccia bonus]

Third time we see Pryapisme here on Aristocrazia, this time with a rather particular release: a soundtrack entirely curated by the French band for an independent video game entitled "Epic Loon".

The work is divided into two CDs and four … videotapes which I imagine represent the stages of the game, surrounded by an intro per disc and two bonus tracks, for a total of twenty-nine short on an average tracks, with few exceptions running over four minutes. Those who know Pryapisme's music know that even if you are prepared for anything you will not be able to not be astonished: take a look at the titles to get an idea. However, let me higlight that in the section of the booklet dedicated to the guests they mention the Virtual Cats Plugin Orchestra in which — besides an endless series of traditional instruments — appear … weird things, including tennis racket, anvil, electronic cigarette, dildo, thumbs up and even handjobs. Not to mention people who simply brought sandwiches, repaired every broken door or «do not know what they were doing there». A very special orchestra, indeed.

From this album it's clear that Pryapisme are perfectly at home in the videogame field. It would be interesting to see how this surreal soundtrack will find its visual counterpart in the game; however, it is already possible from the music to get an idea: the four videocassettes, in fact, have more or less imaginary movie titles represented by tracks in a fanciful way. We find ourselves, therefore, in the midst of spatial, extraterrestrial and futuristic sounds in "Alien: The Hitchicker"; we will go back to prehistoric times with the tribal percussions of "Jurassik Land"; we move on to the darkest, almost gothic-symphonic atmospheres with "Nosferacula" ; and we end up in the Far East — for my happiness — with "Grojira". However, while these details are useful to understand the setting and tend to reappear over the course of each section, on the other hand these are not at all brakes for Pryapisme's unstoppable madness.

If there is anything that could exceed in quantity the list of instruments mentioned before, it is certainly the number of genres crossed througout the album. I do not even know where to start listing them and, even if I knew it, I would not know when I could finish it; if an end actually exists. Phases in which they remain in the same style for more than fifteen seconds are rare, continuously passing from one side to the other of the entire musical spectrum with a naturalness that very few can boast. Probably Avantgarde-Progressive Metal is still the best way to describe the sound of the group for a simple matter of style prevalence, but it is still a narrow definition: the electronic factor is widely present, while the other genres — although playing a minor role, individually — on the whole they create a mess outside any human conception (but not from the feline, apparently).

It goes without saying that I will not even pretend to analyze the tracks in more detail: it would be pure masochism. Know, however, that you will have to face — among the other things — Classical, Ethnic, Folk (of who knows how many different geographic areas), Prog Rock, Jazz and Ambient, without forgetting a bit of good old EDM (for example, Dubstep and Techno) and something similar to Dimmu Borgir. Everything is constantly immersed in Eighties and Nineties videogame vibes, with some 8-bit sounds that appear here and there to make the album even more fun and enjoyable, as you can see from the official video that contains two tracks.

It seems that Pryaspisme, with this release, have brought out the best of themselves, further refining their sound and making it available to the needs of the videogame. In order to play "Epic Loon" we will have to wait a few more weeks, in the meantime I recommend you to enjoy this soundtrack available in streaming on the band's (that you can find on the left) and Apathia Records channels.