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RED CAIN – Red Cain

Band: Red Cain
Title:  Red Cain
Year: 2016
Country:   Canada
Label: Sel-Relesed

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  1. Guillotine
  2. Dead Aeon Requiem
  3. Hiraeth
  4. Unborn
What could possibly happen if we crossbreed Kamelot's American Symphonic and Progressive Power Metal with the profoundly gothic atmospheres of the Finnish Charon? What could possibly go wrong if we added to this melting pot a little Alternative Rock/Metal charm, something coming from, let's say, Alter Bridge? Would it sound good? It would indeed, it does and the Canadian band Red Cain brewed this sound pastiche and served it into their self-named debut EP: Red Cain!
This small disc, that doesn't even last twenty-five minutes, is a little but significant first step for this band from Calgary, proving both the good technique of its members and their more than just sufficient creativity, as it can be clearly deduced from their arrangements. Evgeniy Zayarny's baritone voice blends finely with the magnificent orchestrations proposed and inserts itself easily into a solid guitar base, both melodic and sharp, creating a quite interesting genre patchwork. From the very first track, "Guillotine", the band offers us this melodic recipe that reminds, as already said, both Kamelot and Charon's sounds, with its deep, warm vocals and its orchestral parts, guitar lines and solos — featuring Andrei Buldan of The Wolf Of Transylvania as guest. The following "Dead Aeon Requiem" keeps itself close to the most Gothic vein of the group — proving it to be a solid base from which they're building their own sound — to which they wisely add some strings that harmonize and enhance the already solid clean and distorted guitar wall built over a rhythm section that makes the song proceed without being pretentious or predictable.
"Hiraeth", the third song on the track-list, is the first one I've listened to: once I got the name of the band I started making researches to understand what kind of music I would have been listening to, and then I found this video on YouTube. So what? It got me: its bass intro immediately followed by that kind of hard'n'heavy guitar riff breaks the possible monotony of the whole EP without ruining its overall atmosphere, while the rest of the song, with its arrangement devoted to epicness, touches and thrills the listener, giving them catchy chorus melodies that will hardly go away, and ends with a sort of electric/acoustic guitar duet that might — might — even be reminiscent of Blind Guardian. On the other hand, the last song, "Unborn", begins placing the listener into some kind of emotional tension status created by the strings and then flows into a well-structured section, provided with both acoustic and distorted parts that create massive and impressive dark atmospheres, strictly linked to that Gothic panorama that has already proved to be one of the main starting points of the band.
So, this debut EP from Red Cain is undoubtedly more than just sufficient, unwilling to be pretentious or being simplistic. Unfortunately I noticed a sort of mistaken lead guitar section in "Hiraeth" (damn), as if the guitarist substantially hastened while playing, but that just merely damages the whole song — that still is my favourite of the disc — and all in all is the only flaw of this work. My best wishes to the band (as they've been a wonderful discovery for me) for their future, hoping to hear some new obscure and powerful songs soon!