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RED MOON ARCHITECT – Return Of The Black Butterflies

Band: Red Moon Architect
Title: Return Of The Black Butterflies
Year: 2017
Country: Finland
Label: Inverse Records

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. The Haunt
  2. Tormented
  3. Return Of The Black Butterflies
  4. Journey
  5. End Of Days
  6. NDE

Red Moon Architect are the sort of band from which you wait for their magnum opus. These guys from Finland have a little more than five years of activity and have already placed two good releases called "Concealed Silence" (2012) and "Fall" (2015). 2017 is the year "Return Of The Black Butterflies" got published, under the Finnish label Inverse Records, which title makes us think about some connection with "Black Butterflies", a song from the debut album.

Real emotions and endearingly cold atmospheres. We are in front of a little, but shining, melodic doom-death gem, in which you can picture a bittersweet connection between man and nature, losing yourself into astonishing snowy sceneries, with a painful and melancholic aura, where freezing winds are able to pierce the skin and the soul. In which, however, a dim source of heat finds a way to survive.

I repeatedly listened to the album, remaining silent and pleasantly dragged from the impression the funereal romanticism of compatriots like Colosseum and Shape Of Despair are crossing paths with the My Dying Bride North-European vision. I was impressed by what, in some moments, seemed to have brought back to my mind early Katatonia, while in other parts you can meet The Gathering's delicacy, a little more sad in the tones but not less graceful.

I didn't skip a second of the tracklist, fascinated by the sober and severe flowing of "Return Of The Black Butterflies", enamored by the enchanting glow shown in "Journey" and from the reflexive folding sculpted in "End Of Days". Even if I found the better parts in these tracks, the one in the center of the tracklist, I couldn't do anything but rejoice for the pure and pearly greyness came out from "Tormented" and enjoy the "NDE" epic and calming conclusion, in which the entrance into scene of the piano gives to the song a feeble and unexpected vitality.

Red Moon Architect gave form to a pure white, breath-taking and distressing dream, one of those where wandering with your gaze in order to understand where you are becomes pointless. The desire to look around is submerged and forgotten from the course of events with extreme and satisfying courtesy, by asking ourselves to observe those black butterflies so fluttering and free, but ready to disappear in a moment, destined to fall into an hibernation darker than a nightmare.

"Return Of The Black Butterflies" is a purchase that you should not miss and — at least as far as I'm concerned — at the time one of the best candidates to win a seat in the Top 5 of the year. Gorgeous!