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Band: Revenience
Title: Revenant
Year: 2017
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick Records

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  1. Revenant
  2. Hope Leaves [Opeth cover]
  3. Not My Choice [alternative version]
  4. Revenant [alternative version]

Revenience is a gothic metal band hailing from Bologna, founded during 2014. They quickly attracted the attention of American label Sliptrick Records (that seems to appreciate the Italian scene very much, as we had seen for example with Awake The Sun), through which they released their debut album "Daedalum" last year. I must say I didn't follow their first work too closely at the time, but it seems that my occasion to get to know them better has now arrived thanks to the EP "Revenant".

Visually speaking, the cover artwork portrays a scenery destroyed by some sort of toxic material, where leafless trees and a building in ruins convey deep despair. The band logo and album title occupy the menacing and cloudy sky.

With "Daedalum", the quintet had entered the very long tradition of bands alternating growls and female vocals, between distortions and melodies. By choosing "Revenant" to kick off this release, Revenience prove their will to explore their more melodic face. Digging into their influences, we will also stumble upon Opeth, here quoted through a nicely done cover of "Hope Leaves"  apparently taking something from Antimatter as well. The most curious part of this EP is arguably the alternate version of "Not My Choice" (also featured in "Daedalum"), revisited in this case under a light seemingly coming out of a "Silent Hill" soundtrack. 

In brief, "Revenant" is a pleasant addition to Revenience's debut album, where the band from Bologna made a clearer attempt at exploring some of the sounds relatively less evident in "Daedalum". I believe these might even become the most interesting aspects of the band, if properly considered. For sure, here at Aristocrazia we will follow the future endeavors of this emerging project.