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RIBBONS OF EUPHORIA – Ribbons Of Euphoria

Band: Ribbons Of Euphoria
Title: Ribbons Of Euphoria
Year: 2016
Country: Greece
Label: Symbol Of Domination Productions

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  1. Incidence Of Truth
  2. A Jester And The Queen
  3. The Druids Are Rising (To The Forefront Once More)
  4. Smokin' N' Spittin'
  5. Mindful Of Dreams

Every once in a while we just stumble upon records that seemingly came out of nowhere, as in the case of the Greek quartet Ribbons Of Euphoria. Initially released digitally around the end of 2014, "Ribbons Of Euphoria" attracted the attention of the unlikeliest of labels — Symbol Of Domination (a sub-label of the Russian Satanath Records, specialized in extreme metal) — for the physical release coming in the summer of 2016. What makes this combination unexpected is the fact that the Greek band plays blues-influenced rock with a strong '70s vibe, not exactly the daily bread of the Russian label.

The opener "Incidence Of Truth" immediately throws us in a world completely consisting of Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Jethro Tull, welcoming us with melodies apparently coming straight out of 1972, especially thanks to Thanos Karakantas' keyboards and Stravros Zoulatis' vocal style. The "mystical" and quasi-fantasy dimension of rock music from that age comes up in the dreamlike suite "A Jester And The Queen" (also featuring a flute) and in "The Druids Are Rising", before the more directly blues track "Smokin' N' Spittin'" (where we can enjoy the interaction between Nick Poulakis' guitar and Thanasis Stroggylis' drums). Following on Led Zeppelin's path, this record finishes with the long and atmospheric "Mindful Of Dreams", concluding this interesting journey back in time through five very fitting tracks.

The artwork portrays some sort of black and white universal chaos where places, timelines, illusions, all come together and mix with each other, somehow reminiscent of some covers from the '70s (which, by the way, were usually more colorful). If you happen to be a big fan of this genre, Ribbons Of Euphoria will definitely be a good match for you; if, on the other hand, you prefer the Seventies to stay where they are, it would probably be better for you to look somewhere else. This was quite a bold move by Symbol Of Domination, adding to their catalogue something so distant from their usual releases.