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RITES OF DAATH – Hexing Graves

Band: Rites Of Daath
Title: Hexing Graves
Year: 2017
Country: Poland
Label: Godz Ov War Productions

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. Hexing Graves
  2. Necromantic Rites Of The Underground
  3. Sepulchral Phantom
  4. Bitter Entrails Of The Earth
  5. Most Holy Death

A band at its debut, almost anonymous, straight out of the Polish underground: Rites Of Daath have everything you need to either suck or to be appreciated by us. In fact, this is how it goes as the Krakow quartet buries us in the death-doom stench of "Rites Of Daath", while we keep a stupid and satisfied smile on our faces.

Twenty minutes long EP highlighting the ABC of what should represent the genre in its most extreme features: an almost malignant voice, a hammering snare and double bass evilness, even more unholy riffs and wicked solos. All with a mixture made of death, tombs, graves and necromantic rites.

The divinations set up by the Rites Of Daath have the common issue of language, at times written in simplistic or ungrammatical English, but it is obviously a subtlety that can be grasped only by reading the lyrics on the booklet. Unless someone is able to decipher the growl, but even in that case, grammar might not be on top of their expectations.

"Hexing Graves" is a good debut, although it needs some refinement on which Rites Of Daath can definitely work, in order to be able to emerge from the crowd and carve out a place among the fans. Obviously at the cemetery.