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Band: Rome In Monochrome
Title: Karma Anubis
Year: 2016
Country: Italy
Label: Wintersleep Records

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  1. Karma Anubis
  2. Spheres
  3. Endmusic

It doesn't happen every day to stumble upon a three-track EP featuring songs so much different from one another, where a band (especially if coming from a doom metal background) manages to convey such a diverse idea of their music in less than fifteen minutes. This is exactly what Rome In Monochrome did in "Karma Anubis", recently published as a physical release by the emerging label Wintersleep Records following the success of the digital version.

Let's begin with the artwork, appropriately using an extremely tight color palette and clearly reminiscent of the whole dark tradition from the late '90s/early '00s (Katatonia, Novembers Doom, and so on). Nevertheless, the scenery retains a calm and even relaxing atmosphere, a moment of awareness and acceptance of the ephemeral nature of everything.

The record starts with the title-track "Karma Anubis" (the video of which also features the sextet performing in all its monochromatic essence), a keyboard introduction followed by electric guitars in the purest gothic/doom metal tradition. No growling here, as Valerio Granieri's voice comes on almost as a whisper on the reflexive sound patterns created by his bandmates, while Gianluca Lucarini's guitar leads might remind us of several interesting things (such as Paradise Lost and Draconian).

Things change completely in the second song "Spheres", which is some sort of dream pop excursion seemingly hinting at the more atmospheric guitars heard in Anathema. The vocals are not the main feature in this context while we end up enshrouded by the rest of the instruments representing the music coming from the "spheres of the universe". The closing song is once again something different: "Endmusic" is a quite skilful rendition of instrumental post-rock à la Explosions In The Sky, influencing so much of this branch of music over the last decade or so.

Rome In Monochrome are already working on their first full-length, they also are yet anoher face of a Roman scene that seems to have awaken again and, apart from the consistent recent growth in number and quality of live shows, it has also witnessed the return of several big names such as Novembre, Klimt1918, and The Foreshadowing over this intense 2016.