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SEEDS OF MARY – Choose Your Lie

Band: Seeds Of Mary
Title: Choose Your Lie
Year: 2015
Country: France
Label: Secret Place Studio

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  1. Under My Bed
  2. Crash
  3. Choose Your Lie
  4. Killing Monsters
  5. Freakshow
  6. Burn
  7. Epicurean Garden
  8. God And A Gun
  9. Damaged Young Thing
  10. King Without A Sun
  11. Killing Monsters [versione acustica]

We have already seen how '90s American alternative rock (often meaning Alice in Chains and Soundgarden) has influenced scores of European musicians even in recent times, we can think of the Spanish band Quaoar, or of PurpleHaze Ensemble from Poland. Seeds of Mary hail from Bordeaux, France, they had already debuted officially in 2013 with a self-titled album and they perfectly know what they want to put into music: doubt towards everything, especially things that are too good.

"Choose Your Lie" mocks every major ideology and religion (here represented by their symbols) and, although the artwork for both cover and booklet really reminded me the style of Marilyn Manson's "Holy Wood" (visually and content-wise), the main musical reference is quite clearly Jerry Cantrell's creature. Among other things, Seeds Of Mary have also paid homage to the band from Seattle with a cover of "Them Bones" that can be downloaded from their Bandcamp page.

Get ready for about one hour of top-notch alternative rock that you will especially love if that scene still means something for you. The memorable and tough riffing by Julien and Tom stands out in "Crash" and "Freakshow" and is one of the quintet's trademarks, together with the great use of backing vocals supporting Jeremy Dourneau. My personal highlight from this record is "Killing Monsters", which could have easily been released in 1993 by one of the classic Seattle bands, and also served as the first single off the album last year. The disc ends with the sludgy ballad "King Without A Sun", before featuring an acoustic version of "Killing Monsters" as a great bonus track.

In brief, this is a really good alternative rock album that listeners of this sound will enjoy. Seeds Of Mary did a great job together with Secret Place Studio in Bordeaux improving a lot since their debut album, we hope to see them perform in Italy soon.