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SINNERANGEL – Sinister Decálogo

Band: SinnerAngel
Title: Sinister Decálogo
Year: 2017
Country: Colombia
Label: Grimm Distribution

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  1. SinnerAngel
  2. Zeon
  3. Cerberus
  4. Hitos
  5. Fuego En Mi Alma
  6. Abysmal Visions
  7. Banshee
  8. Vestidos De Luto
  9. Unspeakable
  10. IX

We've never had so much room for power metal on this webzine, I admit it, possibly because it's not always a truly extreme genre and we don't get that many review requests. It's also been a long time since I reviewed something likewise but fear not, here I am, bringing you "Sinister Decálogo" by SinnerAngel, at last.

Medellín trio, as I came to know from surfing the web, was reborn in 2014 after a five years experience ended in 2009, today consists of bass player Ángel Valencia, guitarist William Florez and lead singer Gustavo Echavarría and — back when the album was recorded, until last year — had Gustavo Ladino as drummer. What really surprised me was (and still is) that "Sinister Decálogo" appears to be the first and only record released by the act.

You might be thinking why that surprised me. Well, the album is wonderful: it's an aggressive and shameless debut, charismatic, bearing its own style and the band's own signature. It's a trvely rude power metal bomb dressed in black-death metal, sounding somewhere between Emperor and Children Of Bodom, with some swedishness in terms of death melodies. Moreover, there's something in "Zeon" which makes me think of Haggard, and it definitely is something that, added to the rest (meaning ideas, production and musicians' performances — top ones!), kept me always pressing play again and again on my stereo player.

So, it might have taken a decade and some line-up changes for the band to make its official debut in the world's music panorama, but SinnerAngel did it with a certain style for sure; and with some sort of shameless boldness, I'd also say. "Sinister Decálogo"? It's a surprisingly appreciated add to any fan of those genre's collection. Let's just hope, now, for the trio not needing another ten years to give us some more…