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SKAPT AV SKOG – Skapt Av Skog

Band: Skapt Av Skog
Title:  Skapt Av Skog
Year: 2013
Country:   Norway
Label: Fallen Temple Records
Contacts: Label website

  1. Mørket Eier Alt
  2. Skapt Av Skog
  3. I Natta…

Consider this MCD, lasting about ten minutes, as a trophy from the latest trip to your attic, found in an old box buried under decades of dust and memories. Skapt Av Skog were a black metal band from Nord-Trøndelag, an isolated county in north-western Norway, about 700 km far from Oslo. Nobody knows when this band was born, nobody knows when this band split-up, and when they disbanded, it was without a single release.

This three-piece was definitely unknown, at least until newborn Fallen Temple Records decided to dedicate its first release to Skapt Av Skong, somehow finding the material recorded onto this cd and finally publishing it. This mini cd is composed of three songs of dry, ice-cold black metal, as freezing as the lands where they were recorded, where the idea of "Trve Norwegian Black Metal" in the vein of Mayhem and Immortal can't but reign over all. Nothing more. Given the fact that these three tracks are original recordings from the spring of 1996 there is nothing to be surprised about. On the other hand, if this MCD had been published back in the day (maybe by Nocturnal Art or Osmose) we would probably be talking about a true collectors' item. Fate had other plans for the recordings of mysterious Måsvær, O and Amok though (among the three members, Amok is the only one about which you can find any piece of information online).

After seventeen years of limbo, "Skapt Av Skog" finally sees the light of day, in an edition limited to an uncertain amount of copies, released by an unknown, newborn label. Curious, nostalgics and die-hard blacksters: here you go.