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SKYGGE – Antiqua Ignis

Band: Skygge
Title: Antiqua Ignis
Year: 2015
Country: Norway
Label: Immortal Frost Productions


Translation: LordPist

  1. Antiqua Ignis
  2. Apokalyptiske Visioner
  3. Draconis Serpentis
  4. Haks
  5. Katakombe
  6. Necro Attitude
  7. Nocte Initum Imperium
  8. Svarte Vinger
  9. Skyggen
  10. Nocte Initum Imperium [necro version, bonus track]

The perfect couple consisting of Norway and black metal is probably never going to stop generating offspring, a fact once again proven true by Skygge: a duo that features Skyggemester as the only composer and musician, and Adramelech behind the microphone. However, it would be more correct to talk about them using the past tense, since a few months after releasing this album the project actually disbanded; this won't prevent me from introducing "Antiqua Ignis" to you, their second (and last) work, released in five hundred copies by Immortal Frost Productions.

In this record you will find morbid, obscure and fierce black metal that — despite the band's nationality (we can hear hints of that style just here and there in "Heks", "Necro Attitude" and "Svarte Vinger") — draws most of its inspiration from the nearby Sweden. In fact, in Skygge's music it is really frequent to notice the use of sulphureous melodies, at times uneven and dissonant, going back to that peculiar scene that includes Ondskapt, Watain, and Funeral Mist among its best-known examples.

Apocalyptic rage, sharp and demonic mid-tempos, Adramelech's shrieks — that actually seem to stay in the background — are the elements on which "Apokalyptiske Visjoner", "Katakombe" and "Nocte Initum Imperium" are founded: here the Norwegian duo simply pours all of their fury into proudly savage songs, vibrating with that furious enmity that has always characterized this style of music.

All in all, this album is a bit tough to handle in terms of length (about one hour, not easy to follow with the same attention throughout), but it still possesses the infernal drive and dark charm of the most venomous and fiery black metal. Despite not being an innovative work, "Antiqua Ignis" can surely be enjoyed by the indomitable fans of this strain of metal.