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SOLUS – Solus

Band: Solus
Title: Solus
Year: 2015
Country: Hungary
Label: Dark East Productions / Satanath Records / Metal Throne Productions

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  1. Visszatérés
  2. Világok Közt Vándorló
  3. Elfeledett Utak
  4. Az Örök Körforgás
  5. Path Of Wisdom
  6. Lebegés

We have recently witnessed an increase of metal made in Hungary, signaling an environment more and more diverse and aware of what is happening in the metal world. Solus is, as it frequently happens in the black metal underground, a one-man band founded by multi-instrumentalist D (also known for its work in as part of Earth Plague). The project was founded in 2006 and has released a series of demos and splits since (moving to Germany in the meantime); finally we can hear his eponymous full-length debut, printed in a few hundred copies in cooperation by Satanath Records, Dark East Productions, and Metal Throne Productions.

The cover artwork is really effective (designed by the young Hungarian artist Bettina Fias), featuring a black trunk on golden background, its branches and roots twirling together in a circular and interdependent representation of existence. Six tracks really different from one another, both in terms of structure and atmosphere, where D explores various faces of contemporary black metal: from the more atmospheric interpretations heard in "Visszatérés" to the raw aggressiveness of "Világok Közt Vándorló" and "Az Örök Körforgás", up to the solemn pace of "Path Of Wisdom" (the only English-titled song, that could have probably been made a tad shorter) or the quasi-cosmic approach of "Lebegés".

I am hardly a Hungarian language expert, but even from the titles alone we can grasp the naturalistic character and the concept of universe's eternal cycle conveyed by the cover image. The "wanderer between worlds" ("Világok Közt Vándorló") moving through conceptual and musical territories so diverse, on "forgotten paths" ("Elfeledett Utak") and the "Path Of Wisdom", concluding their journey floating or levitating ("Lebegés") towards a new plane of knowledge and symbiosis with the world.

All in all, the record's running time doesn't feel excessively long given the frequent changes of pace, and the evil production, also buzzing when needed, contributes to the successful overall effect. A good debut album that shows a lot, and a great way of getting closer to Hungarian metal, it is quite likely that we will soon analyze other works released by D under the Solus monicker.