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Band: Sons Of Alpha Centauri
Title: Continuum
Year: 2018
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Self-Released

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  1. Into The Abyss
  2. Jupiter
  3. Solar Storm
  4. Io
  5. Surfacing For Air
  6. Interstellar
  7. Orbiting Jupiter
  8. Return Voyage

If you follow our pages, perhaps you have already met Sons Of Alpha Centauri, a British band which has worked quite a lot with the legendary Karma To Burn over the last decade. Going forward with their recent work, the four musicians released "Continuum" in May, their second full-length album, coming out eleven years after the previous record "Sons Of Alpha Centauri".

Despite its title, "Continuum" is actually something quite different from its predecessor. The first difference you might notice is that song titles are not simple numbers anymore, but instead words which are also connected to each other, conveying the idea of an interstellar journey. In fact, outer space seems to be an even more crucial theme for Sons Of Alpha Centauri, building on their tradition (of course, starting from the band's name itself).

In terms of music, we are still somewhere around the galaxy of instrumental stoner rock, so much loved by their friends Karma To Burn as well, but in the meantime the band's style welcomed many other elements. A particularly bright note, contrary to one of the common issues in the genre, is that all the songs are very recognizable, each with its own characteristics. Apart from the atmospheric "Return Voyage" (which is about ten minutes long), this time the quartet preferred more concise songs (three of which even shorter than three minutes); I believe this was a successful decision.

Sons Of Alpha Centauri also highlighted the more atmospheric aspects of their music (as in "Interstellar" or "Io"), of course without forgetting the typical car-ride stoner moments (especially in "Solar Storm"). "Continuum" is an enjoyable album overall and it will accompany you through your expeditions in the depths of outer space (or the oceans, as the cover artwork seems to suggest).

We were glad to get another chance at listening to the British band, as with this record their name keeps on getting recognition, and their repertoire widens even more. At the moment, they have planned a couple of dates with Yawning Man in the UK at the end of July, who knows if they are also working on dates around the continent!