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Band: Soul Of Enoch
Title: Neo Locus
Year: 2015
Country: Italia
Label: Bloodrock Records

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  1. I Ask The Flies To Forgive Me
  2. Amber Flowers (On Black Marble)
  3. Yule
  4. Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
  5. The Witch Is Dead

A few years have gone since I last entered the Italian "occult" doom metal scene, a world inhabited by the likes of Paul Chain, Abysmal Grief, L'Impero Delle Ombre, and so on; I finally had the chance to explore it again thanks to the first official work by Soul Of Enoch.

However, let's start by saying that they are not exactly rookies in the scene, since we are talking about another one of the omnipresent Tony Tears' projects (ex-Abysmal Grief), together with David Krieg (lead vocalist for Hexenfaust). The record was released in late 2015 via the Italian label Bloodrock Records (mainly known for its work with Doomraiser), "Neo Locus" specifically works as a "new place" promising to put together two conceptually similar views, and it has delivered indeed.

The opening track "I Ask The Flies To Forgive Me" begins with a long spoken passage in Latin accompanied by the obvious church organ and bells, before introducing distorted guitars and English language lyrics. This record comprises five long tracks inspired by the obscure and atmospheric imagery that both musicians know all too well. As it was to be expected, this it not a full-fledged doom metal release, as many other different styles found their way through (as in the chameleon-like "Yule"), coming from the duo's multiple influences. The performance on vocals by Krieg is solid and enthralling, while Tears' work on guitars is memorable and on spot as well; "Neo Locus" flows with ease and without feeling too long or complicated.

Let's welcome this new project, awaiting to see if it will end up becoming a long-term cooperation, or just a temporary experiment created by these two pillars of the Italian obscure metal scene.