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TEMPLE OF VOID – Of Terror And The Supernatural

Band: Temple Of Void
Title: Of Terror And The Supernatural
Year: 2014
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Rain Without End Records

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Translation: LordPist

  1. The Embalmer's Art
  2. Savage Howl
  3. Beyond The Ultimate
  4. Invocation Of Demise
  5. To Carry This Corpse Evermore
  6. Rot In Solitude
  7. Exanimate Gaze
  8. Bargain In Death

Do you like slower forms of death metal? Do you adore doom metal? These were my questions at the end of my review for "Demo MMXIII". The quintet from Detroit Temple Of Void answered with an album released last September available on tape, LP and CD, and that also includes the three songs from their debut, giving you the chance to enjoy everything the band has put out.

The album's artwork by Bruce Pennigton — a British artist whose works you might have already seen in sci-fi circles — is really elegant. You can read the lyrics in the booklet, structured as a novel and also featuring some photos of live performances.

The most suitable adjectives for the music contained in "Of Terror And The Supernatural" are: gloomy, grievious, and majestic. The main references of their sound are Bolt Thrower and Opeth: the former for the resinous rhythm and the latter for the complex structures and the lead guitars, that intertwine with each other resulting in polytonal compositions. Some of you will notice a few glimpses of Autopsy and '70s prog rock, as in the case of "To Carry This Corpse Evermore". Rage, sadness, meditation: the feelings conveyed by their music will bring you to bang your head while listening to tales of blood and death, following their mesmerizing rhythms.

Temple Of Void succeeded at recovering and develop the ideas presented on their demo. If you appreciate either slow death metal or doom, you will enjoy this diverse and quite engaging record. This quintet is techically skilled and knows how to mix the two genres. "Of Terror And The Supernatural" is a solid release not to be overlooked.