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Band: The Chronicles Of Israfel
Title: A Trillion Lights, Tome II
Year: 2016
Country: Canada
Label: Bridge Of Hands Entertainment

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  1. Colors Of The Energy Construct
  2. Goddamned
  3. I Remember
  4. Nightmare
  5. Spirit Carousel
  6. Life I Know
  7. In Ruins
  8. Hatred In My Heart
  9. Violet Empress (Last Love)
  10. Greet The Sun
  11. A Trillion Lights
  12. Incendia
  13. The Turning Of The Heavens

Coming right back from a huge emotive and psychological trip, your dream-traveller is here to present to you its cause: the new The Chronicles Of Israfel album, "A Trillion Lights, Tome II". It is, as a matter of fact, the second volume of a trilogy that Dominic Cifarelli is building with the help of his project, a path started nine years ago with the first chapter called "Starborn, Tome I", whose aim is to tell the life of Israfel and his journey through his existence in search of a better self.

The inner voyage of our main character now begins with "Colors Of The Energy Construct", a brief folk-flavoured instrumental intro which is immediately followed by a furious and aggressive, though still caring about melody and experimentalism, "Goddamned" and that is going to finish with a three-times-that-long "The Turning Of Heavens". This one deserves a further discussion because, due to its complexity, its emotional weight and its double function within the tracklist, it caught my eye and intrigued me: I've said double function because, dealing with a concept album, this track is deeply linked and related to the rest of the work for it is its ending but, probably even more than each other song (and also because it's completely instrumental), it appears to be really captivating also when listened singly, out from the concept which it has been conceived in/for. Now, let's go back to the whole "A Trillion Lights, Tome II" itself: the almost complete absence of flaws in the continuity of both sound and mood — as it can be heard from "Nightmare" to "Life I Know" passing through "Spirit Carousel" and through the next section, from "Hatred In My Heart" to "Violet Empress (Last Love)" and "Greet The Sun" — allows this work to be easily listened entirely, in its overall sixty five minutes. Another good time feature of the disc consist in the fact that the general duration of the song is about four minutes, except for the two short instrumentals (lasting about two minutes each) and the two longest songs, "I Remember" (almost eight minutes) and the above mentioned, thirteen minutes long "The Turning Of Heavens".

Wanting to classify what this Canadian band does, we'd have to label it as Progressive, although their music eludes the mere single genre tag to consistently include elements of various kind within itself: some of them deriving from the Prog side of both Rock and Metal, whose two good examples could be Dream Theater and Devin Townsend, while the more Experimental ones come straight from the classic, eclectic Ayreon style. Undoubtedly Cifarelli and the band served to the listeners a pastiche of genres that appears to be easily enjoyed from both the most and the least used to this kind of music — just think at songs like "Goddamned", "In Ruins" or the title-track "A Trillion Lights": aren't they precise examples of this above mentioned easy-listeningness?

So, in the end, if you're looking for getaways from reality, for solid bases from which sail away with your fantasy, if you're looking for a disc with catchy but exciting and touching songs or if you just like concept albums and trilogies, the journey of Israfel told into this "A Trillion Lights, Tome II" is a pathway warmly suggested to be walked to both lovers and just casual Progressive listeners! Now we can do nothing but wait for the story to be ended: we need to discover the final Tome of this saga.