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Band: The Father Of Serpents
Title: Age Of Damnation
Year: 2017
Country: Serbia
Label: Satanath Records / United By Chaos

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  1. The Walls Of No Salvation
  2. The Flesh Altar
  3. Tale Of Prophet
  4. The Grave For Universe
  5. Tainted Blood
  6. The Afterlife Symphony
  7. The Quiet Ones
  8. The God Will Weep For You
  9. The Last Encore
  10. Viral

Gothic-doom metal is a genre that has pretty much said everything it had to say quite some time ago, those things that bands such as Paradise Lost successfully keep on reminding us of every couple of years. And yet, here I am once again, as The Father Of Serpents from Serbia join the dozens of followers of Nick Holmes' cult, putting out their debut album "Age Of Damnation".

Perhaps this is because we as humans cannot avoid dealing with our finiteness, the vacuity of the universe, and all the other classic themes of doom metal in general, but we never really get out of the age of damnation. This record was released in the summer of 2017, thanks to the cooperation of Satanath Records and United By Chaos, allowing the Belgrade sextet (founded in 2014) to reach a slightly larger audience. The Serbian extreme metal scene has been thriving lately, and we had actually met some of The Father Of Serpents' members a few years ago in the death metal project The Hell.

In fact, it is clear that — albeit at its first release — The Father Of Serpents is not a band composed of fledgling musicians. Considering the genre, there actually is some interesting variety, including the ubiquitous violin in "The Flesh Altar" and the very paradiselostey "Tainted Blood", up to the double identity of "The Last Encore" (which brought early Tiamat to my mind). This suffering overview on the age of damnation ends with "Viral", a more than fair closure on the sextet's work.

As we said at the beginning, "Age Of Damnation" isn't exactly a revolutionary record in the gothic-doom metal world, but it still marked an interesting addition to the Serbian scene which might even find some room out of the country as well. In particular, fans of Paradise Lost and that style from the early-to-mid Nineties will find what they love here.

Fun fact: The Father Of Serpents were among the main events at the latest Darkside Of Belgrade, an underground event dedicated to gothic culture and everything around it.