The Matter Of A's dark instrospection

THE MATTER OF A – Anomalous

Band: The Matter Of A
Title: Anomalous
Year: 2018
Country: Polonia
Label: SchizoMous Records
Contacts: Facebook  Youtube  Bandcamp  Spotify

  1. Garden A.M.
  2. Stillness
  3. Deeply Inside
  4. My Vibe Today
  5. When Possibilities Are Exhausted
  6. The Third Eye
  7. The Poison Inside

The Matter Of A is the creature of Artur Jankowski, a musician already known here for being a member of Misanthropic Rage; Anomalous — first release of this solo act — is far distant from almost any kind of extreme style, preferring a lighter and more atmospheric sound.

Jankowski puts a lot of irons in the fire, but still manages to play around with Electronic, Rock and Metal influences with a personal and intimate approach and dyeing everything with dark colors. The songs show always different facets of The Matter Of A, easily alternating different elements such as the Trip-Hop warmth of “Garden A.M.” and the metallic hardness of “The Third Eye”, even using the double bass and adding a guitar solo; among aggressive riffs and industrial synths, a Progressive vein also comes out, for example in “The Poison Inside”. The introspective respect is evident especially in parts like the first half of “Deeply Inside” and its profound and dark sounds, while the ethereal and tepid atmosphere of “When Possibilities Are Exhausted” give the track a more reflective tone; the constant reverberation emphasizes the emotions that seem to implode in the mind of their owner.

Such strong sensations find an outlet through the diversified and expressive vocal lines, although a bit stagy and too distorted in some rare occasions. Jankowski’s approach ranges from whispers to raging screams and everything in between, like warm or aggressive singing, applying some effects here and there to strengthen the meaning of the words; his vocal chords are completely devoted to express the content of the lyrics, as already mentioned personal and introspective.

Anomalous is easy to appreciate thanks to its catchiness and to the ability of the musician to put his thoughts in these songs, yet it’s better to give it some more listenings to fully understand its worth; a very nice debut for this project and confirmation of this artist’s potential.