Doppelleben shows another side of Urlo from Ufomammut

THE MON – Doppelleben

Band: The Mon
Title: Doppelleben
Year: 2018
Country: Italy
Label: Supernatural Cat
Contacts: Sito web  Facebook  Twitter  Bandcamp  Instagram  Spotify

  1. Hedy Lamarr
  2. Salvator Mundi
  3. Hate 1 | Hate
  4. Blut
  5. Relics
  6. Souloop
  7. Her
  8. Doppelleben

Those who have followed us for some time know that Ufomammut and the entire Malleus Lab galaxy have become one of the few certainties in our universe over the years. Therefore, the news about the first solo album by Urlo – under the monicker The Mon – absolutely couldn’t go unnoticed around here.

When playing with Ufomammut, Urlo takes bass, vocals, and synth duties and, in fact, in Doppelleben (“double life” in German) these are the main elements. The name The Mon comes from a pun between demon and the monk, basically conveying the idea of a double life in the midst of darkness and some sort of mystical peace.

This is first and foremost the second life of a musician that leaves the familiar shores of doom metal and humongous weight of the trio behind, to reach a continent made of electronic sounds (“Hedy Lamarr”), unsettling atmospheres (“Hate 1 | Hate”), industrial suggestions (“Blut”), mystical meditations (“Relics”). Doppelleben is the result of about one year and a half of constant work, evolutions and transformations which have grown from some of the most atmospheric passages heard in Ufomammut.

The notable artwork was designed by Urlo himself (together with other members of the Malleus Lab). A work both sonic and visual, as is common for all the records related to this collective, and as you can perceive in the mesmerizing video of “Her”. In short, duplicity is the main key to read The Mon‘s effort, who managed to give shape to many expressions that would have had a hard time finding their way in Ufomammut.

Speaking of which, in fact, remember to not approach this record with the idea of meeting the alien mammoth once again, because you might be disappointed in that respect. On the contrary, let yourselves get lost in the meditations of the demonic monk, and try to discover your hidden double, this way Doppelleben will surely have lots to give you.