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Band: The Night Suns
Title: Human
Year: 2017
Country: United Kingdom
Label Self-Released

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  1. Smoke
  2. My Blood Is Cold
  3. Human

We've already been dealing with a huge revival of Nineties-influenced alternative rock for quite a while now, and The Night Suns — an emerging band founded in London in 2016 — are one of the newcomers in this field. "Human" is the self-released EP with which the band introduces themselves to the public, starting from a photo that seems to stress human vulnerability.

No time for frills in the three songs presented by the band conceived by guitarist and vocalist Radu Constantin, who managed to find his three fellow bandmates over just a few months: bassist Krystian Turek, drummer Marky Zanna, but perhaps the most curious aspect in terms of sound is the presence of Freddy Ciocoiu on synths and FX. Apart from the relatively obvious Alice In Chains, Faith No More (pretty evident in the single "Smoke"), and so on, we can also count amongst the band's influences someone a bit more unexpected, such as Massive Attack.

This aspect comes out at the beginning of "My Blood Is Cold" with its vaguely trip-hop atmosphere, before the song moves towards a more canonical alternative rock sound. The triptych ends with the titletrack, maybe the least sharp of the three, though it still fits pretty well in the general idea of the EP.

As for the band's future, it will sure be very interesting to see further development in the coexistence between rock and electronic effects, ideally explored more thoroughly over a full-length album. The Night Suns were for me a potentially very enjoyable discovery made at the end of the year, although they seem to be looking for a more distinctive interpretation; of course we wish them to find it very soon, and we'll sure keep an eye on them.