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Band: The Stone
Title: Umro
Year: 2009
Country: Serbia
Label: Folter Records
Contacts: Sito web  Bandcamp Facebook  Soundcloud  Youtube  Reverbnation  
Translations: Fedaykin

  1. Umro
  2. Zlo Je Uvek Korak Ispred
  3. Krvav Ceo, Nigde Nijedne Rane
  4. Prst Na Obaracu
  5. Jesti Srca Ljudi
  6. Sam Krenuo Smrt Svoju Da Nade
  7. …U Smrti
  8. Kralj Je Umro

The music from Serbian creature The Stone first ended up in my hands in 2012, with the cassette release of their latest album "Golet". Going back through their discography, I had chance to encounter their previous effort "Umro" and it was clear from the start that, in describing them, I had employed the word "coherence" correctly.

In fact, this band's past, although recent, looks back at a black metal very closely related to the main acts of both the Norwegian and Swedish scenes. Nevertheless, the Serbian act managed not to sound just like a faint aping of them, up to this day.

It is not necessary to mention the names by which this then sextet has been influenced, the references are very easy to spot. What is more pressing to acknowledge is their ability to channel the teachings of the past into tracks that, filled with hatred and fury, melody and occasional death or 'n'roll moments, feature both the muscular and the atmospheric elements. This way, the album sound interesting to those who, although appreciative of the raw strand of black metal, look for more fascinating sections as well, as in "Prst Na Obaracu".

"Umro", through tracks such as "Krvav Ceo, Nigde Nijedne Rane" and "Jesti Srca Ljudi", proved to be a solid quadrature for what the band had constructed through the years. This album is anchored to its Nineties roots, making them the trick up The Stone's sleeve, not to mention the mixing that allowed every instrument to play its part (the bass lines were played by the two guitarists Kozeljnik and Demonetras, enjoying some good audibility in the whole musical pattern) and the album, though perhaps not that personal, took a coherent and complete shape.

In conclusion: if you have already had the chance to listen to other of The Stone's works, you might very well concede this one some time to immerge yourself into yet another good listen. If it's the first time you come across this project, do not miss the chance to enjoy it for what it is: plain black metal.