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THOMAS ANDREW DOYLE – Incineration Ceremony

Band: Thomas Andrew Doyle
Title:  Incineration Ceremony
Year: 2017
Country:   U.S.A.
Label: Yuggoth Records

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Translation: Crypt Of Fear

  1. Silent Incineration
  2. Lost In Abysmal Waters
  3. Desire
  4. Asleep In Arrhythmia
  5. Bio-illogical Functions
  6. Nurtured In Grief
  7. Meditations In Null
  8. Born Into Sorrow
  9. Prognati Ignis Ignis

Tad Doyle is a piece of history, one of those artists who love reinventing themselves and from which you can expect anything. After exploring the heavy-alternative territory with Hog Molly and doom-stoner-sludge with Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, he ventures now into new spaces, doing his own return to the roots. "Incineration Ceremony" gives free rein to his passion for jazz, instrumental and classical music and film scores.

This nightmarish work transcends music as an art, extending its relationship with the listener through a remarkable imaginative and cinematographic capacity, so comparable to an excellent psychological horror, intending to dig with intensity and perseverance in the meanders of the mind. 

The tracks create a constant source of uncertainty and suspension expressed through gloomy environmental sections and wrapped by a noir spirit, alternated with dim flares, that appear in the most bittersweet and melancholic moments, and a neurotic sensation of instability, suffering and collapse, evident in the junctures in which the symphonic side become brighter and elements of drone emerge from the sound mixture. All this raises a terrifying and insulating cage, inside of which, once entered, the only thing you can do is fight for your own survival. 

"Incineration Ceremony" knows how to be cold and asphyxiating. Atmospherically reminiscent of the oppressive and painful scenarios that belong to certain areas of dark ambient and funeral doom, it is contaminated by the avant-garde of Morricone and sometimes impregnated with the hermeticism of the lynchian thoughts; it represents a disturbing and hypnotic ritual that should be internalized in its individual passages, listening to them several consecutive times. It is a concrete form of seduction that traps the listener.

Recorded, mixed and mastered to Doyle's Witch Ape Studio/Skyway Studio and released through Yuggoth Records (Peter Scartabello's label, an old acquaitance of Aristocrazia with Sky Shadow Obelisk, even present as a guest in this work). This album will probably be appreciated by people who like torturing their own soul or by the souls tortured enough by life, but also by anyone who feels the need to sink into murky waters before regaining color with a liberating breath. To all of them I strongly recommend consuming "Incineration Ceremony".