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THUNDERFORGE – Call Of The Conqueror

Band: Thunderforge
Title: Call Of The Conqueror
Year: 2016
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Self-Released

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  1. Raiders Of The Night
  2. Into The Fire
  3. Harbinger
  4. Hold On
  5. Sound The Horns

For anyone who's into that power metal characterized by biting guitar melodies, unstoppable galloping drums and amazing vocals, the debut EP recently released  by Thunderforge is a highly recommended choice. The band, which comes from the north-east of the States, reveals some maturity with its self-produced, self-released "Call Of The Conqueror", and demonstrates to have some great potentialities. So, let's take a closer look to it.

In almost twenty-eight minutes divided quite homogeneously into five tracks, the quintet manages to play its best cards well, starting from the epic atmospheres that are spread all over the work and echo vehemently through the first song, "Raiders Of The Night", definitely a great one, whose style is not that far from the classic Helloween's one. Another trait of the band is the aggressive, insistent riffing, as it can be heard in "Into The Fire" and in "Harbinger", sometimes used in a sharper way, eventually touching the boundary with the extreme — as at the end of the last song mentioned.

The great technique owned by the guitarists comes out especially during the solos, such as into the last two songs "Hold On" and "Sound The Horns", containing very sharp phrasing and some really great tapping. The rhythm section of the quintet is definitely as important as the rest of the band: it supports in an excellent way the whole bunch of guitars and vocals and manages to enhance both the more aggressive moments and the more peaceful ones, finding anyway some room to fill with some glorious solo. And last but definitely not least there's the talent of the singer, who manoeuvres excellently and energetically through every single song with strong and powerful voice, reminiscent of Timo Kotipelto's singing style.

All in all, "Call Of The Conqueror" is a great, catchy work, which presents this band from Massachusetts into an impressive way; as it is their very first record, it has anyway some flaws (some fast singing on the first chorus of "Into The Fire" and the next drop of the volume when a hesitant guitar kicks in), but they're just negligible. Our best wishes to Thunderforge, hoping to hear from them soon with some fresh and likewise consistent material. Did you want some new power metal to listen to? Here it is, available to you all both in physical and digital edition!