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TODERLEBEND – In Stench We Rot

Band: Toderlebend
Title: In Stench We Rot
Year: 2016
Country: Germany
Label: Self-Released

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  1. Intro
  2. Brutal Truth
  3. Do Or Die
  4. Deal With It
  5. In Stench We Rot
  6. Life Is Abuse
  7. Despair And Sorrow
  8. End Of All Light
  9. Sichtblender
  10. Deathwish

Toderlebend were a good discovery I met 2012, thanks to "Day Of Resurrection", an EP that made me love them from the start, and I believed I would have met them sooner or later. Well, the moment has finally come with the album "In Stench We Rot", a long distance debut published in 2016.

The three guys from Bavaria present themselves once again incorruptible and intend to revive the most rotten, sinister and pure form of death metal, the one of the early Nineties, similar to bands like Entombed, Necrophagia, Impientigo and Autopsy, giving us about forty-five minutes of music full of death, putrefaction and hate. Decadence and hatred drive the putrid violence of the release, that presses in a maleveolent way or slows down to dig those festering grooves to whom Reifert and co. made us used to. Therefore I will not tell you how songs like "Brutal Truth", "Do Or Die", "In Stench We Rot" "Life Is Abuse" or the long conclusive "Deathwish" sound, those who have ears to hear have already intended and understood how the material provided is focused on brutally obsessing the ones who love listening to raw and pure death metal. 

This band from Germany didn't spare themselves and have done things right, providing once again to their work a fundamentalist graphic section framed for the impact and conception (Erns Morsch is again the author), while the corrosive production  deliberately distant from the clarity which is too often the choice of other current releases  retains the feeling of despair and death generated by the tracks. 

"In Stench We Rot" is an overwhelming example of how death metal still exists even in its primordial forms, free from every mean of toy packaging. This is a natural and spiteful collection that works because of the spontaneity and explicit clarity of intent that move their weaves, more than enough reasons for myself to ensure that I recommend the purchase. Fuckin' Death Metal!