Fighting consumerism with Too Left 2 Be Right


Band: Too Left 2 Be Right
Title: SOS Mall
Year: 2016
Country: Italy
Label: Sliptrick Records
Contacts: Facebook  Soundcloud  Youtube

    1. Sound Of Chains
    2. Number Than Me
    3. New Device
    4. Shopping Bag
    5. If You Want
    6. Keep My Colours
    7. Drunk Designer
    8. Killer Application
    9. Cloud Fighter
    10. SOS Mall [ghost track]

Here at Aristocrazia we are quite used to stumbling upon bands inspired by American alternative rock from the early ’90s (as we have seen recently with Seeds Of Mary), we are a bit less used to crossing paths with projects gazing at the same period but with different influences.

This is the case for Too Left 2 Be Right, a band from Rome that found its current line-up in 2012 (Piex – vocals and samples, Fabrizio Sclano – guitar, Marco Termine – bass, Mauro Borioni – drums) and that embraced a diversified range of styles straight from the beginning. If the first names that pop up in your mind are Faith No More and Primus, you have just hit the jackpot as far as the main influences of this quartet are concerned. After the noteworthy EP Life, Music, And Other Funny Tragedies (that even featured a homage to the universe created by writer Douglas Adams), the band captured the interest of the American label Sliptrick Records (that we had already seen working with the Italian project SKW) for the distribution of their first actual full-length release: SOS Mall.

The packaging and artwork convey a really clear idea of the concept behind the band (just in case their name was not enough), opposition against a system completey devoted to consumerism, here represented by headless characters queuing up or filling their carts at a shopping mall, rich with ever so many shelves full of products so different and yet so similar. Another great idea was to portray the tracklist as a receipt from a cashier, including the songs duration as their price and the ghost track representing the “change”, not to mention the photo of the band members behind a (literal) bar code. We can’t say it comes a surprise to know that Rage Against The Machine was also a huge influence on style and contents for Too Left 2 Be Right.

This work is really well-balanced in terms of sounds, also leaving quite some room to the bass lines (as it is customary for this genre of crossover), jumping around from one style to another withouth forgetting the catchy chorus from “If You Want” or the riffs from “New Device”. All tracks clock in at between four and six minutes, apart from the ghost track “SOS Mall” which was developed as some sort of a “social experiment” when the band used recordings sent from fans and friends for the refrains. The first half of the album appears more solid than the second, and rest assured that you will probably end up singing or whistling the melodies and PieX voice in your mind for quite a while after having listened to some of these songs.

We officially welcome Too Left 2 Be Right to the international stage with a good debut album, hoping to catch them live at one of their shows over the next few months.