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TORMENTAL – Il Perpetuo Sconcerto Per La Realtà In Cui Mi Sveglio Ogni Giorno

Band: Tormental
Title: Il Perpetuo Sconcerto Per La Realtà In Cui Mi Sveglio Ogni Giorno
Year: 2013
Country: Italy
Label: Pest Productions

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  1. Incubo: Tormental
  2. Risveglio: Dementrance
  3. Monotonia: Il Lamento Del Tempo
  4. Consapevolezza: Lucidelirio
  5. La Fine: Il Vuoto
  6. …Ultimi Pensieri Durante Il Rosso Fluir Via Della Mia Vita

An open window brings shards of light into a dark room. The white morning is nothing but a nuisance, in the greyish universe painted by Tormental. This album's long title — roughly translatable as "The Perpetual Dismay For The Reality I Wake Up In Every Day" — explains the concept behind it: the disillusion and discomfort that follow the beginning of each day and its failures; the realization of the substantial uselessness of existence, in the illusion that this life belongs to us ("Risveglio: Dementrance").

The album starts with the end of a nocturnal phase, a tormented nightmare in which voices from every corner and with different intensity repeat over and over again that there are no answers. At times, the atmospheres created by Tormental remind me of Canaan from a few years ago, although aesthetically and philosophically closer to depressive black metal. This is not exactly a metal album, the six tracks evolve as meditations, those inner, silent reflections that infest our minds especially at the beginning or the end of a day. Ky (vocals) questions our ability to comprehend what we are, what is around us, the reality of pain. The narrator is looking for a way to prevent the new day from forcing his cage open and stay in that comfort zone, the only place where we have certainties.

This work is not about discomfort in the urban world, or some sort of social reflection, Tormental seek to question existence itself. Among the dozens of "conclusions" our mind reaches throughout the album, one is that we cannot but crave silence, while our thoughts writhe and restlessly look for explanations to the tragedy of life.

The disc is structured like a day of reflections, and the booklet itself seems to follow this trend visually as well. The window on the cover gradually leaves room to chaos and then to the darkness of the void, when the "…Ultimi Pensieri Durante Il Rosso Fluir Via Della Mia Vita" ("…Last Thoughts During The Red Flowing Away Of My Life") are even written with bigger letters. A headstone. The continual regeneration of life is seen as one of the biggest sources of our torment. Rhythmically speaking, there are just a few moments of relative speed ("Consapevolezza: Lucidelirio"), when the narrator seems to be overwhelmed by Nothing. This style has been defined (quite accurately) "deprogressive", and I believe the musical textures on here match the main ideas and everything else (up to the world itself).

After the first self-release in November 2012, the usual Pest Productions went on to distribute this interesting Italian work in July 2013. If you like depressive black metal and/or dark ambient, Tormental will quite likely sound interesting for you. On the other hand, if you welcome sunlight enthusiastically in the morning, this might not exactly be your album of the decade. However, in this case you would probably not be on these pages.