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WARFIST – Metal To The Bone

Band: Warfist
Title: Metal To The Bone
Year: 2016
Country: Poland
Label: Godz Ov War Productions

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  1. Pestilent Plague
  2. Written With Blood
  3. Convent Of Sin
  4. Tribe Of Lebus
  5. Breed Of War
  6. Metal To The Bone
  7. Necrovenom
  8. Playing God
  9. Reclaim The Crown

I always tend to be a bit skeptical when it comes to albums — or bands — whose name includes the word «metal»; nonetheless, in this specific case we can just relax: black metal-inspired thrash metal lovers can't be uninterested in "Metal To The Bone", second full-length for Warfist from Poland, active since 2005. Nine tracks of blast beats, devilish guitars and a pinch of inspiration straight from the past, especially from Venom, which maybe makes them not much innovative or original but not undeserving either. Long story short, you'll wildly headbang anyways.

None of the songs lasts more than four minutes, except for the slighlty slower rhythm of "Breed Of War" with its bass guitar intro; in a world full of bands willing to torment us with pointlessly long tracks or albums, this can't be but an advantage: brutality and vocals from Hell pared down to the bone, and yet full of contents.

Where can I start to suggest you the best shots of "Metal To The Bone", keeping in mind that I love thrash and this makes me totally biased? I can just state "Pestilent Plague", the first one, is an exceptional motivator and succeeds at encouraging the listener to go on; the guitars in "Tribe Of Lebus" accompany a very fast-paced song until the end — through simple but effective solos as well; as for the titletrack, it's just the best of all.

"Metal To The Bone" has very few surprises or innovations; still, I totally support and promote it because it gives us just what we were expecting from this kind of music genre: speed, raw — sometimes spoken more than sung — vocals, but above all, quality. Well done.