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Francesco “Crypt Of Fear” Andrini

The story goes like this: Francesco is captured by Aristocrazia’s singularity as a translator and reviewer in the year 2016, Earth calendar. In the meantime, wating for the end of his space-time transit in this dimension he dedicates himself to listening to music not suitable for fine tastes, to dust off some musty book and satisfy his insatiable curiosity in ever-changing ways.

Andrea “Bosj” Bosetti

Raised in the woods around Varese, he’s been surviving for years in the mist of Milano, addicted to bad music and worse choices. Andrea’s been part of Aristocrazia since before its inception and collaborates with some shady characters in the music world. His spare time is dedicated to watching movies, reading and preaching ævil. He’s no Slash fan.

Ida “Nihal” Cammarota

Born a proud terrona, wanderer and citizen of the world by choice, settled in liguria by necessity, tries her best to make people love foreign languages and anything that is “different”. She came close to Evil music in high school, and her interest was confirmed at college, where she discovered the Finnish world. Ida started helping out Aristocrazia in early 2017 and doesn’t want to leave her grammar-nazi role.

Guglielmo “VACVVM” Cherchi

Born and raised in the oversea territory known as Sardinia, after a happy-go-lucky childhood he discovers his passion for ævil thanks to a schoolmate. In addition, he cultivates an interest in cinema and photography. He joined Aristocrazia Webzine in 2013 for a short period of time, and after a long hiatus he’s back with new-found discomfort.

Andrea “Vlakorados” Crescimone

Born, grown and socially dead in the Varese area, despite his Sicilian roots and the transfer of his soul in Akihabara. Aristocratic since 2010, survivor of a pause for reflection and resulting in an identity change, obsessed with idols, weeb culture and any kind of music incomprehensible for sound of mind people.

Federico “LordPist” Drago

He started working with Aristocrazia in early 2013, when he moved to Shanghai because of work. At the end of 2015 he returned to Italy, but hasn’t managed to get rid of his love for bad music. If you want to know more about thrash metal or djent, feel free to ask someone else.

Davide “Huldradans” Galli

On the cover, just two words: Vintage White. It was love at first sight, then and there. The road unmistakingly paved. Years went by, in the Varese area, but the passion born in that moment lives on, untouched. Now, thanks to the gifted comrades in Aristocrazia, he tries to turn to words what music expresses in sound.

Simone “M1” Landi

Was born in 1986 and four Bs shaped his whole existence: black metal is the surge for his dark side; beer the nectar that quenches his thirst; basket his 360° love; Bologna the cradle of his humanistic studies. Started his scribbler career at the court of Michele Marinel, on Negative catalogue and Necatron, and in 2009 was part of the original founding team of Aristocrazia.

Marco “Oneiros” Liazza

Born under the sign of Cancer, and living much like a crab, your dearest, moodiest Oneironaut studies useless things languages and linguistics in the city of Neapolis, pretending he’s fond of aristocratic music and sometimes even reading books published over the last fifty years. A wavering, even-tempered soul and a craft beer enthusiast: that’s what yours truly is, while he tries to look like a reviewer and a translator; sometimes he also attends live concerts, but only when he remembers to wake up alive – that’s hardcore.

Erick “Dope Fiend” Michelotti

Born and raised spiritually anarchist, he develops precocious tendencies to self-preservative isolationism. He lives by extolling the cathartic power of unpleasant music and basking in its most funeral and antisocial declinations. He dies on a date to be determined, glad to leave behind nothing but a body to feed the worms with.

Elisa “Elisunn” Mucciarelli

Constantly tired, always the last one to know everything, worships that sacred god named SonnO)))*. Born in Terracina, adopted by the city of Naples, in Finland by choice. Talks too much and listens to bad music. Go Gionas!
*Sleep, not the band.

Giuseppe “Giup” Piscopo

Sicilian transplanted to the deep North-East of Italy for studying (sort of), he came in touch with Aristocrazia and some of is future writer colleagues during a brutal transfer in Czech territory. Moving to higher latitudes coincided with his progressive approach to the Devil’s music which, together with a sense of humour worthy of a twelve-year-old, made his interactions with respectable society as limited as possible.

Francesco “Kelvan” Riccobono

Linguist and son of the sea, even if now he’s forced to live in rotten plains, he provides a blood tribute to Aristocrazia since 2015. Resolute supporter of the bad music and Evil in all its forms (especially if female metal singers), he interchanges his bad musical taste with his 8-bit digital life on The Shelter.

Gabriele “Mourning” Strano

Long-time Aristocratic, years go by, but luckily music keeps him alive. A simple man with simple passions: metal, rock, anime, horror and random reading, who gets better, or at least gets over it, every time he turns the stereo on.