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From Fall Of Efrafa to DIY: Alex CF's artistic path

From Fall Of Efrafa to DIY: Alex CF’s artistic path

A long interview with Alex CF, singer and artist for Fall Of Efrafa, Light Bearer, Morrow, Archivist, and many other ...
MONO & A.A. WILLIAMS - Exit In Darkness

MONO & A.A. WILLIAMS – Exit In Darkness

Post-rock titans Mono were pretty far-sighted when they decided to work with Londoner A.A. Williams: the result is a double ...
ANOICE - Ghost In The Clocks

ANOICE – Ghost In The Clocks

With "Ghost In The Clocks", Anoice follow the path of their previous "The Black Rain" and tell an emotional story ...
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65DAYSOFSTATIC - replicr, 2019

65DAYSOFSTATIC – replicr, 2019

Borders between dance, ambient, rock, glitch and drone have never been so useless: "replicr, 2019" by 65daysofstatic takes us face ...
PELICAN - Nighttime Stories

PELICAN – Nighttime Stories

Six years later, Pelican are back with their hardcore flavored post-metal on Southern Lord with "Nighttime Stories", in memory of ...
ANOICE (2019)

ANOICE (2019)

Anoice founding member Takahiro Kido talks about the band's latest effort "Ghost In The Clocks" and their many projects between ...
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US post-metal legends Russian Circles released "Blood Year" via Sargent House and left quite a deep mark on the scene ...
ONCE UPON A WINTER - Pain And Other Pleasures

ONCE UPON A WINTER – Pain And Other Pleasures

Fans of Kauan, GIAA and Mono should never miss Greek post-rockers Once Upon A Winter's third album: "Pain And Other ...
SICK SAD WORLD - Imago Clipeata

SICK SAD WORLD – Imago Clipeata

Through the fire of Notre Dame. Sludgy post-metal band Sick Sad World try to go beyond Amenra's lesson in "Imago ...
HANORMALE - Reborn In Butterfly

HANORMALE – Reborn In Butterfly

The "Reborn In Butterfly" unique compositive process resulted in an avant-black metal album as you never heard before ...


The Swiss band Killbody Tuning helps us discovery the connection between ourselves and the universe, in a post-rock journey inspired ...


There's an apocalypse incoming and we still have too much music to listen to! Hailing from Estonia, the post-rock band ...
SVARTA STUGAN - Islands / Öar

SVARTA STUGAN – Islands / Öar

Swedish act Svarta Stugan closed 2018 with their debut LP "Islands / Öar", instrumental post-rock in the vein of Earth, ...
ZEAL & ARDOR + Nyos (12/11/2018 @ Orto Bar, Ljubljana)

ZEAL & ARDOR + Nyos (12/11/2018 @ Orto Bar, Ljubljana)

Zeal & Ardor are among the hottest bands around right now: our Northeastern delegation didn't miss the chance to see ...
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Onyric Joy - Tales From The First Light

ONYRIC JOY – Tales From The First Light

Band: Onyric Joy Title: Tales From The First Light Year: 2017 Country: Spain Label: MMM Music Contacts: TRACKLIST Ephemeral Memories ...


Band: Perihelion Line Up: Gyula Vasvári - Vocals, Guitar Barna Katonka - Drums Tamás Várkoly - Bass Balázs Hubicska After ...
Frozen Ocean - Transience

FROZEN OCEAN – Transience

Band: Frozen Ocean Title: Transience Year: 2017 Country: Russia Label: Self-Released Contacts: TRACKLIST Brooks Run To The Comet Lake Torpor ...
文雀 [Sparrow] (25/11/2017 @ Nuts Livehouse, Chongqing)

文雀 [Sparrow] (25/11/2017 @ Nuts Livehouse, Chongqing)

Event: 文雀 [Sparrow] Date: 25/11/2017 Venue: Nuts Livehouse, Chongqing, China Bands: 文雀乐队 [Sparrow] If you understand a little bit of ...
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