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FROSTBITTEN KINGDOM (english version)

Author: Mourning

Line Up
H. Kanervo – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
J. Hakala – Lead Guitar
K. Krappala – Bass
S. Vainio – Drums

FROSTBITTEN KINGDOM (english version) After one year from the release of “Obscure Visions Of Chaotic Annihilation”, which gave us a reason for our first talk,
Frostbitten Kingdom are back here. How are you guys?

H.: Well, our new album “Infidel Angel” has been out for a couple of weeks and we’ve got really good feedback from it.
Played a few shows in Finland and Poland and got my fingers broken. Things could be worse. At least there’s enough time to get wasted.

Let’s start getting straight to the heart of the matter, new album and a more melodic style, how was “Infidel Angel” born?

K.: Im not sure if it´s more melodic as a matter a fact but melodies haven´t stepped aside that´s for sure. We got the idea with H. to make a concept album
of a touchy subject.  

H. started writing songs before “Obscure Visions…” and aim was to make more solid, aggressive and intense album.

Your songwriting is still fluid but it seems that you limited yourself, ther is very much cleanliness, this work is less instinctive than the previous one, are you thinking to a big evolution of your sound?

H.: Well, we had a better line-up for this album. Fortunately we finally got rid of our previous guitarist P. Salmio, and when mr. Hakala joined forces with us, we started to rehearse much more. So I agree, the album is less instinctive, like it should be. We are a better band nowadays.
I wouldn’t say I have limited myself, but like K. stated, we tried to create more solid album this time. I also wanted the dark and grim athmosphere to last through first five songs. I think we managed to reach that. Anyhow, I don’t think there’s any big evolutions coming. All the evolution on our
music is natural, and we never plan to create certain type of music.

I was expecting songs like “Warborn” or “Infibulation” which want to hurt the listener, i was surprised by choices like “Messenger’s Harlot”, longer than the others, or the closer “732”, a ballad with a heavy touch. From what were you inspired to create these two tracks?

H.: We wanted to make a solid album with variety, so it’s needless to say that different kinds of songs were born on the process With both “Messenger’s Harlot” and “732” you can fully understand the music only by reading the lyrics.
I also wanted to do a softer song in the vein of Amorphis and Amon Amarth to close the album, as the 5 first songs had more brutal vibe.
On “Messenger’s Harlot” I was inspired by muslim prophet Muhammad. He loved to molest children. That’s definetely worth a song.
Musical influences on “Messenger’s Harlot” are too numerous to mention.


How did the new guitarist (J. Hakala) join the band?

K.: We got drunk, we talked and it appeared we shared the same interest in hating people and playing extreme music. Fortunately the rest of the band felt the same way. As a result I see a fully devoted band.

How did you come in contact with No Sign Of Life?

K.: As being in the studio we got convinced of the material in hand. Since we knew No Sign of life being a motivated and professional record label, we decided to invite them to listen our work. They were instantly interested in it so we sealed the deal.

Are you preparing the promotion of the album? Did you already receive any feedback?

H.: Well, No Sign of Life will take care of the majority of promotion, but of course we are willing to play live and give interviews even more than before.
We’ve got some feedback from the album, and I can honestly say it has been only positive. We can’t blame the listeners. It’s our best work so far.

You are a very prolific band, why are you so hungry of making music and what are the reasons of this so fast album production?

H.: One might consider an album a year prolific, but it’s not unusual. On the other hand it would be waste of material to publish albums more often than that.
Really few people want to hear that much new material even from their favorite bands. Anyway, we hit the studio when we have enough tight songs to record.
It is as simple as that. I compose pretty much, as I play guitar as much as I can. I really don’t give a fuck about anything else, so there’s always new material coming out.

Even if it’s almost impossible to live without music, what do you do when you aren’t thnking to it? How is you life outside the band?

K.: Well there is no actual vacation. We live our separate lives doing all kinds of shit. Some of us study and do everything possible to make our living.
Thanks to finnish social security some of us are fully occupied by music and doing leisure activities on aside. I enjoy watching movies related to brutal reality to mention a hobby.


Did you play live in this time between the two albums?

K.: I believe we played about twenty gigs. We have been constantly playing shows all over from Finland to Poland.
Will we see you playing some gigs across Europe this summer?

K.: We Played in Krakow with Venom in June and once in Helsinki in July. Im afraid you have to wait a little bit longer than that. Hopefully in November and December…

What does Frostbitten Kingdom want from the future? Do you have any goal?

H.: We are gonna fucking conquer, that’s it. Goals and aims are for people who can’t reach them. You will hear from us later.

Thanks for the time you spent with us, the last message for our readers is up to you

H.: Keep the metal real, burn your local church and bomb the kebab restaurant near you! Thank you and good night.