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MOTHER OF GOD (english version)

Author: Bosj

Daniel Nygren – Vocals, Guitars
Johan Kvastegård – Guitars
Carl Lindblad – Bass Guitar
Jimmy Hurtig – Drums

It took me weeks to receive their album, then weeks to prepare the review and the interview, but finally I managed to have a quick talk with the debuting swedish combo. This is what comes out of it… An interview quite cheap on words and explanations.

First of all, welcome on Aristocrazia Webzine. Would you introduce the band to our readers? What shall they expect from the Mother Of God, and how did you come up with such an important monicker?

Hello everyone! We are a heavy rock/stoner/grunge band from the forests of Sweden. A wall of sound fusioned with 70’s classic rock and 90’s grunge. A lot of energy on stage! The band was wasted, screaming heavy metal words and came up with the name.

“Anthropos” is your first album, and comes out on Small Stone Recordings, a renowned name in the genre. Is it helping someway? This question leads to a wider one: since we are in the DIY era, how important is it to have a label backing you up? If it is, of course.

It does not mean that we can lay back and see the money rolling in, but it’s a well known name in the rockworld and help us a lot with promotion and a lot of other things. They are really good and focus on all bands, not only the bigger ones.

Moving on to a “general culture” question: how would you explain all these stoner acts springing out of the blue? Why now, why so many?

When we started 2008 there was not many bands playing this kind of music in Sweden but in 2010 we saw an rockexplosion with Graveyard and Witchcraft that lead the way. After that, a huge number of bands started show up everywhere, making many people rediscover the good music!

Back to the album now: why did you give it a greek title?

“Anthropos” refers to the first man, pure minded that has not been darkened. It fits our point of view how we think the world would look, without religion and corruption. It’s a spiritual album.

“Anthropos” sounds like a collection of stories, some of which are faster, while others are more in a psychedelic vein. Would you mind telling us who Lucy and R. McCord are? And what led you to have a one and only track in your mothertongue, among other ten pieces in english?

Lucy, the face of Mother of God, the blind monkey connected to everything. Rando is a really famous man, We think many know who he is. The lyrics came naturally in Swedish for that song and it worked out good.

The artwork is impressive, I personally like it a lot. What is its meaning? Is it Mother Nature or what?

Basically yes, but it’s up to the viewer really. Credits to Sanna Albenius making it!

Out of the blue: if you had the chance, who would you get stoned with and why? And I cannot miss my favourite question: a bunch of albums you like even more than weed, without which Mother Of God would have never come to life?

We actually prefer beer and none of us actually listened to stoner before playing it. The african frogs seems nice. Heavy hallucinations. [actually, I meant “in company of who” would you get stoned, but whatever – Bosj]. Daniel: Queens Of The Sone Age – “Songs For The Deaf”; Carl: The Hellacopters – “Cream Of The Crap Vol. 2”; Jimmy: Alabama Thunderpussy – Any album; Johan: Captain Beyond – “Captain Beyond”.

Ok, I think it is enough. You can conclude the way you want, and if you have something to add, please feel free to go on!

We are going on our second Europetour with Abrahma, playing in Spain, France, Germany and more. Make sure to check out more cool bands from Small stone records.