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Author: Mourning
Translation: Dope Fiend

Line Up
Innominandum – Bass
Arcana – Drums
Unbeliever – Vocals, Guitars

They come from Australia and don’t love compromises, Sanguinary Misanthropia this year released their third ep “Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis” and are working on their debut album. Let’s know them better.

Welcome on Aristocrazia Webzine, usually we start letting the band introduce themselves, talk about their story and their line up, so please tell us something about you.

The mundane history and other trivial particulars are of little relevance to the understanding of our music, writings, ideologies and philosophies. Sanguinary Misanthropia is an enigmatic and ever changing entity that creates warlike and chaotic Black Metal. We are an embodiment of Fiery A Gnostic Chaos come to purge the cursed mundane Earth of Belief-in-Faith and the Faith-in-Belief in the Cosmic.

A demo and three ep, I had the pleasure of listening thanks to Unbeliever and if I have to use a word to define your way of making Black Metal i would say: coherence. I noticed some improvements in your songwriting through your works but your violent and no-compromise attitude is still there. Why did you choose this monicker? And what inspired you to find your way to express the explosive charge of your songs? Which are your lyrical themes?

Succinctly, Sanguinary Misanthropia is the Devil’s bloodthirsty hatred of humanity. Sources of our inspiration are numerous, however, Blood, Chaos, anti-belief, hatred, aggression, adversity and violence continually empower our creations. Whilst none of our releases thus far have been strictly conceptual, an underlying theme is of the fiery sacrifice and destruction of the impure sub/human Blood to engender evolution. “Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis” delves deeper into the Traditional Satanic and Diabolic Gnostic aspects of the Blood cleansing and the crucial sacrifices required, likening the impure blood to the mundane, worldly flesh. Hence, the Perpetual Light shining upon “them” could be the emancipating enlightenment of our revelations and/or the holocaustic Fires of Death destroying the dense, cursed flesh. “Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis” promotes the thoroughly Diabolic Gnostic ideas of Sexual Gnosis, pursuit of knowledge, Luciferian spirituality and the purging of the unclean demiurgic flesh to strengthen the pure Blood. Originally “Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis” was entitled “Fires Of Enlightenment”, and subtitled “Cleansing The Blood Of Perception”. This information should provide insight enough.

Are you really attached to a song like “Tetraskelion”? I think it is like your specialty number since you put it three times in two works (“Diabolic Gnosis” and “Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis” in the latter also with a live version)?

“Diabolic Gnosis” and side A/Gnosis of “Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis” feature the same studio version of “Tetraskelion”, albeit one appears on CD and the other on the more organic tape form. The live version of “Tetraskelion”, which is on the second side of the tape, offers a point of reference for the comparision between the two tape versions, the meticulous studio offering and the livid Live Blood Ritual offering. “Tetraskelion” describes the power, influence and the ominous legacy of the almighty Swastika, linking Swastika worship, and its Wyrd, to the reawaking of Wotan and the return to glory of heathendom, via the enslavement of the sub/humans. Its message is pertinent to Sanguinary Misanthropia’s ideology.

The unhealthy ambience full of wicked feelings in your works with the great instrumental and vocal performance is perfect to represent a chaotic infernal circle. Does the phrase “Chaos, Sex & Death” represent you or maybe there is something that these three words want to tell us about Sanguinary Misanthropia?

“Chaos-Sex-Death” is a potent trifidic-triunal-triad. This triune is a most relevant observation on the conditions afflicting the evolution of the existential ubermensch; this is a portion of positive, creative wisdom/knowledge being offered forth to those who seek their own down going (as the Sun). Chaos is the precondition for all existence, for All Things. It is the Noncosmic potential from whence everything has emanated, and in which everything can be. Gnostically speaking we, the Noncosmic individuals, contain a portion of the Great External Chaos within called Entropy. Thorough Blood cleansing reveals more and more of this most precious Entropy, or inner Chaos. It is our own all powerful Numinosity. Our enemies do not contain this divinity within, they are forged from clay and have yeilded to the thrall of nihilism or Belief and Faith. Our socalled sanctification shall be given unto us via the sacrament of sex, an indulgence in sensuality and the flesh to beget a state of Sexual Gnosis (the motto here being “Come to know this”). Death to the weak and unworthy is the way of Evolution. Ultimately the imperfect and unclean portions of our Blood shall be redeemed by the Death and genocide of our enemies and the destruction of our egotistically obsessive selves.

“Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis” is only in tape version, will we re-release it on cds? Are you already working for this?

“Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis” replete with its two distinct sides: side A/Gnosis, with five studio tracks and the second side, Live Blood Rituals, comprising five vile live peices, will only manifest in tape form in the physical realm. That being said, we are working with our American allies Mort Noire Productions to digitally re-release a composite form of “Diabolic Gnosis” and “Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis” called “Fires Of Enlightenment” featuring all six professionally recoded studio hymns. The re-releases will be available on the solstice in December 2011. Whilst this release schedule may seem convoluted there is a sinister spiritual message contained within: the Fires Of Enlightenment (or FOE) is the Perpetual Light of the Diabolic Gnosis (that is knowledge of the Devil) shining forth… this is a vicious and twisted revelation.

In the three track promo “Loathe Over Will”, a great strike with deep sulphureous passages, in some parts I felt like i was listening to Marduk. Will your album have this kind of influences or will there be more in the other tracks?

The triad of songs utilised for the promotional disc is an accurate representation of our uncompromising warlike sound. Our barbarous compositions are more focused than they have ever been -our militant ambition is strong! The aggression and intensity of our new tracks is indicative of the album’s title, “Loathe Over Will”.

On some sites they describe you as NSBM and on your presentation I read: “Sanguinary Misanthropia Is Come To Send Holocaustic Fire Upon The Earth, By The Unconquerable Swastika And The Seven-Pointed Star – Fyrphosphorosophia!”, this may strengthen the idea. Are you part of the NSBM movement? If so, which are the reasons that led you to this area of metal?

Despite many sub/humans being offended by our extreme writings, ideas and art works, and the very real dangers of using National Socialist imagery and ideologies, we have utilized the power of these highly charged occult symbols and strong philosophies, not to be merely controversial or provocative, but out of necessity and with a thorough understanding of their meanings. The idea of NSBM needs to be more clearly defined to be better understood, and to judge whether the NSBM label applies to Sanguinary Misanthropia. Thus far the NSBM movement ideals consists of a haphazard admixture of four main manifestations: the political, the racialist, the hate filled, and/or the fetishistic aesthetical types. True NSBM has to contain a strong right wing political ideology. Warlike and chaotic Black Metal is definitely not a suitable medium to express all-too-human political view points. By its very nature, and as our name indicates, the sinister entity Sanguinary Misanthopia is misanthropic and hence, by extrapolation, apolitical and anti-political. By this criterion alone Sanguinary Misanthropia would probably not be identified as strictly NSBM. Please note that this apolitical mindset may or may not be in spite of individual member’s personal political views. The r/evolutionary political and racial ideas espoused by the Nazis do seem to be quite valid and positive in general. Ultimately National Socialism is beneficial to the human race. We can identify with the alchemical and occult aspects and teachings of Nazism on an individual level primarily, in particular: the purging of the sub/human elements within to attain purity of the Blood of Life. We also agree with the general theory of physically destroying the sub/human enemies to give rise to intelligent beings greater than humanity -evolution is enacted by killing off the weak (and that which is ill suited to existence). Both of these workings hold value whether they happen as a mystical or spiritual holocaust or an actual human sacrifice by fire ritual.

In your opinion, how much did the extreme musical scene change from the past to the modern scene? Can we talk about “Black Metal” today, and what does black metal mean to you?

Overall Black Metal has not realized its potential as a anti-social sub-cultural movement. Based on the rhetoric of the early forefathers of the genre one would have reasonably expected to witness terrorist attacks, bombings and assassinations taking place. Instead Black Metal’s infantile obsession with the instantaneous gratification of the ego and id resulted in immature self destruction, pointless murders and misguided church burnings, which in turn popularized and trivialized what was starting to become a powerful adversarial movement challenging the validity of judeo-Christendom and its woeful social morality and values. The spirit of the individual has been rigorously suppressed again, however, it shall be resurrected in an even greater blaze of glory! Lest we forget the reawakening of the Swastika and the spirit of Wotan in Europe! Black Metal shall become a portal into the depths of the Chaos laced Blood of Life, wherein the strong and righteous Individuals shall reconcile themselves with their fiery amoral souls. The time and opportunity to make an effective collective movement against anything is well and truly over for Black Metal. Now is the time for its focus to be directed towards changing and developing strong, proud and honourable Individuals. Black Metal, especially Orthodox and Traditional Satanic Black Metal hath emerged to claim souls, to teach them discrimination and individuation, and to show unto the world the Chaos beyond the void of Faith and nihilism…

Black metal was born to send a strong and firm message against certain elements, one of them is religion of course. What do you think about religious organizations today? Is people waking up or are these organizations still too much strong?

All peoples are afflicted by a religious sentiment. This inclination towards religiosity needs to abolished, for religion is wholly based on the irrational Belief-in-Faith and Faith-in-Belief. We are vehemently opposed to organized religion, we support the pagan spirituality of heathenism. Traditional Satanism advocates a return to heathen values via the adversity to the abrahamic religions and ideals of the cursed middle east. Diabolic Gnosticism is alike the Nietzschean down going of the soul of the potential ubermesch. On the other hand, modern Islam is going through a dark age, and the extreme moslems are reveling in destruction, war, disorder, anti-semitism and violence in the name of their dark god. Totalitarian and Jihadist interpretations of the Koran, and its slave-morality, perfectly suit the violent slave souls of Arabs (as does the adoration of the heathen gods of the barbaric and warlike Anglo-Saxon and other European peoples). These sorts of militant acts, and the autonomous, covert terrorist cell structures are of great interest to us, it is the passive and submissive peace of these religions and the imposition of their slave values unto other master races that is disagreeable.

Australia and extreme music have always been united, which are your favorite bands from your nation, both of the great bands of the past and the newer ones?

There are and have been numerous decent extreme metal cults from our Hellish homeland. Abyssic Hate, Adamus Exul, Altars of Sin, Anatomy, Corvus, Destruktor, Erebus Enthroned, Ignivomous, Kill the Kristians, Lustration, Mekiga, Nekros Mantaeus, Nuclear Winter, Order Of Orias, Urgrund, Vilifier and Vomitor are some of the most note worthy.

A friend or a fan wants to start listening to metal and is asking you for some advices, so you have to choose five albums of your country: which albums would you say?

Due to the atmosphere of savagery, aggression, violence and the unique auras of mystique surrounding each these vicious legions, we would recommend the following albums and bands: Bestial Warlust’s “Blood And Valour”, Portal’s “Sepia”, Darklord’s “Symphony Satanika”, Abominator’s “Damnation’s Prophecy” and Sadistik Exekution’s “The Magus”.

“Devil Everlasting” is really good in live version, like “Tetraskelion” is. How would be your perfect gig? Do you have an unforgettable live show you made?

We recently conducted our 777 Ritual in Melbourne, Australia, commencing at midnight. Each band member was drenched in pig’s blood and adorned in war paint, bullets and spikes. We lit some very strong incenses for the elements Fire and Earth, that we had crafted and charged ourselves, including one that had a heavy wormwood base. The burning wormwood had a mild hallucinogenic effect over everyone present. Our stage was girt with runic SM battle banners, severed pig’s heads, barbed wire, camouflage netting, candelabras and a ram’s skull. Part way through the ritual cow’s blood was spat over the audience. Everyone was of one mind for the special ritual‘s 77 minutes and 7 second duration. The ultimate result of a Live Blood Ritual would be to inspire our audiences to realise and develop their Strength; to inspire the latent militancy that exists in all those who have Strength, a Will to Power, and the hatred of humanity, so they may utilise their barbarous Strength in the destruction and dissolution of weakness, be it their own or of others.

How much is it important to play live for a band? I ask this because for some time this was fundamental, but now there are so many solo projects and it doesn’t seem so important.

Live Blood Rituals are extremely important for us, they are a dynamic channeling, visualization and projection of the Will unto others, whence we utilize our collective energies and those of the audience to manifest the Acausal. We constantly ascend into trancelike states during our Live Blood Rituals, and hence the Devil’s music takes on an even more spontaneous and automatic aspect, our all powerful collective subconscious overcomes everything. Our Live Blood Rituals are imprompt and chaotic events, frequently bordering on the ceremonial and sacred.

Any news about the release of the album? Do you already have a date for it?

We cannot share any information concerning the release of “Loathe Over Will” yet. Let it be known that a new type of potent savagery is coming though.

You have a deal with Lost Wisdom Records, will they take care of this release?

Lost Wisdom Records will release a 7” vinyl next year featuring our 13 minutes and 33 second long track “The Synchro-Gnostic”. The wyrd synchronistic track will appear over the two sides becoming Two as One, without beginning or end.

Which are the short-term targets for Sanguinary Misanthropia?

Next year (2012) we will strike further overseas with our live assaults to spread our message of hatred far. We shall continue to bear our flames the world over!

Thanks for the time spent with us, the last message for our readers is up to you.

Ave! We appreciate the thoughtful questions. Sanguinary Misanthropia has come to send Fire upon the Earth, let the Perpetual Light shine upon them!

I… stand in the sign of Apophis and Typhon. I am the snake that devoureth the spirit of man with the lust of light. I am the sightless storm in the night that wrappeth the world about with desolation. Chaos is my name, and thick darkness. Know thou the darkness of the earth is ruddy, and the darkness of the air is grey, but darkness of the soul is utter blackness.

The Vision And The Voice, Liber 418, Crowley