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MENEGROTH + Dark Fury + Eisenwinter + Wacht + Orthanc (english version)

Date: october
Place: Switzerland
Author: ticino1

Wacht (CH)
Orthanc (F)
Menegroth (CH)
Dark Fury (PL)
Eisenwinter (CH, special guest)

I was surprised to receive an invitation to this event. As you noticed, the bands are moving in a gray area and, therefore, prudence is the mother of daring in this situation. As I imagined, I met a lot of familiar faces, some of which I had not seen for many years. Thanks to these people I found myself in a jiffy in the area reserved for bands. OK, nothing special in itself. But sometimes it is interesting to see what happens behind the scenes.

Wacht opened dances with a long black metal set that covered the whole discography. Shortly before the singer/guitarist said to me to be suffering from flu. It doesn’t matter. Without batting an eyelid he played the whole concert, and later helped Menegroth to the bass guitar. The sound is unfortunately too high and you can not always distinguish all. Against the backdrop of the stage heads proudly the flag of the Canton of Grisons, whence comes the band. Summa summarum, the offer stage is not bad.

I noticed that the lords of Orthanc were already quite drunk before their turn. Seeing the staggering drummer, I could not help but wonder if everything would be fine. I did not know these French and I was interested to know what they offer musically. Despite their alcohol content was high, they machine-gunned the audience with their notes, as far as I can judge, without error or, at least, without coarse missteps. Several spectators seemed to have come from French-speaking regions to enjoy the concert of Orthanc. Although their music is not the style I prefer to follow, I found passages that I really like. The action on stage was not particularly strong but acceptable. Instead, communication with the public was excellent. They are not to reject these blacksters from Lyon.

It was soon clear that he would soon be started carpet bombing of Menegroth. In front of the stage you could not move and the audience waited impatiently to hear what we have offered the Zurich band. After the intro appeared the imposing outline of Cautes, the singer, who introduced himself to us in uniform. The set list was varied, the staging excellent, the shape of musicians excellent too and the sound quality was more than acceptable. The audience thanked the effort with enthusiasm. I don’t remember exactly what songs were played, I believe, however, can not go wrong if I say I heard classics like “Imperium Solaris Luzifer” and “Aqua Vitae”.

They told me that Dark Fury had definitely recommended and not to be missed. These Poles are not optically what I expect from a black metal formation; hats on the head during a concert I expect it by hardcore bands. The audience seemed enthusiastic and full of expectations; I stopped asking myself questions about the image. The music is mostly not bad and a little off the usual fees. The guys of Orthanc seemed happy of the work offered by their comrades on the stage. In fact, they do a hellish chaos in the audience and inspire their colleagues to tears throat. The presence on the scene disappoints me a lot: the musicians are absolutely static.

Eisenwinter not appear on the official list of groups and I was happy to see them during one of their few concerts. At first the voice was completely absent, until someone claimed and the problem was solved. The set list was short, contained mainly items from the last album “Monumentales Scheitern” that are rather facing more punk sound. The audience, at this point already quite drunk, was enthusiastic and sang the songs in chorus. Funny concert, perfect to close a successful night.